A lot of customers ask us how our stairs hold up to canine traffic? One customer asked about his 2 Labradors that like to run up and down the stairs.

To answer this question: our treads are solid wood, minimum 3/4" thick, so theoretically, the nails holding up the stringers will dissolve before even the largest dog wears through them. There are some other companies out there making a thin veneered tread that just won't hold up to even high-heeled foot traffic, but ours will last a lifetime. We are one of the very few companies using a UV cured finish with Aluminum Oxide, so it's some of the strongest finish available. Remember, ALL finish will scratch, but depending on the size of the dog (and Labradors aren't small dogs), ours will scratch MUCH less. Depending on the wood species, you'll have indentation, but it'll be minimal. The denser the wood is, the less you'll notice it. See this chart for the different densities of our wood species: