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I'm wondering how durable a wooden stair step is compared to the carpet we have now. We have two kids - one who rolls a rolling backup up the stairs every day - the carpet is horrible - and I can either replace the carpet, clean the carpet (which would require a miracle), or save money to redo the staircase in wood - I do not want to redo the staircase if it will just chip, and scrape, and scratch with repeated heavy use - - of course, we *could* be more careful with the backpack - but reality is reality... 
Actually, please speak to both the durability of the wooden steps as well as to the "slippery" ness of it - (i.e. kids in socks, barefeet, etc.)








Hi Marsha,


Attached are a few links that will be helpful to you, but our prefinished treads are not too slippery. Of course running down the stairs with socks is never a good idea! We use an Aluminum Oxide top coat that is UV cured just like factory manufactured Hardwood Floors. This is the most durable finish available and with proper care, last the duration of the home.


Our UV Finish (aluminum oxide top coat):



The Janka Hardness scale will show you the hardness of the wood species. For example the difference between a Brazilian Cherry treads with high traffic areas and a Southern Yellow Pine with high traffic areas, the Brazilian Cherry would be much harder to scratch and dent the surface.


Janka Hardness Scale:



We offer samples of all the species, below is the link to our wood samples page.


Wood Samples:



If you have any more questions or concerns, please be sure to let us know!