There is a common concern about white risers and how they will hold up to scuff marks, and dirt. 


Have no fear, there is a solution that will settle this common delima!

Our risers are only primed and still need a fresh coat of paint before installing. When choosing the paint, you would need to use a HIGH gloss paint. Using a HIGH gloss on the risers will allow you to clean scuff marks and dirt right off with ease! 


We recommend that you DO use an oil based paint, and NOT latex based. Latex based paint will crack and pop.


Check out our Bona Kemi Cleaning Products for cleaning the staircase and hardwoods!


Bona Kemi Cleaning Products:


** Note: There is nothing wrong with using a lower gloss paint for the white risers! They just may be a little tougher to clean if they do get scuffed over time.