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We've posted the long awaited updated installation video for retro-fit stair treads

One of the most requested features we hear is regarding our installation video. We were very fortunate to have a previous customer make a video that we used for a time but we wanted to truly show how easy it is to reface your staircase with a new set of prefinished wood stair treads. So we teamed up with a local homeowner to video an install where she swapped her old carpet for a set of prefinished Hickory stair treads.

If you haven't yet watched our new installation video or just want to see how to install a set of stairs, why not have a look?

Terminal Pickup Rates Now Estimated Online

Because of the overwhelming response to our terminal pickup shipping option, we've made a real-time freight quoting tool and posted it on the checkout page. Now you can see terminal pickup rates right alongside the home or job site delivery options. We know every dollar in for your home improvement budget is tight and we've been stepping down the cost of shipping with our terminal pickup options! Remember our freight carriers have over 480 different terminal locations throughout the US and in many cases, selecting this option can reduce your shipping costs by half! See if there's a terminal near you:

Lumber Costs are Rising

Lumber is a commodity and changes price daily (like oil or gasoline), or in our case, from truckload to truckload. Normally this price fluctuation is minimal and we rarely ever adjust our product pricing unless there is a significant trend in either direction. For the last couple of months, we've seen rough lumber prices start a disturbing upward tread. "The Hardwood Market Report", an industry publication for the lumber industry, predicts significantly higher prices for domestic lumber for the foreseeable future. Heavy rains have been disrupting the lumber harvesting in the Appalachian region for quite some time now and reduced supply has been driving the raw goods pricing up. Couple this with reduced output from sawmills due to low home-building demand and we're in for a perfect storm of higher prices and actual shortages or material we use to make stair treads and risers.

In short, we see significant price increases on Hickory stair treads, Red Oak stair treads, and White Oak stair treads. If you're planning a stair remodel with any of these species, we encourage you to plan your project and order any needed material as soon as possible to lock in today's low costs. We will almost certainly be seeing price increases in the next couple of weeks.

This Month's Design Tip

When choosing a wood color and species for your stairs, you will typically want to choose the same color and wood type as your flooring, but what about the risers between each step?

The region you live in may have a determination in the riser color and wood choice. Homes in the Southeast and Southwest trend towards primed white risers with a wood stair tread whereas homes in the Northeast and Northwest trend towards matching the riser to the stair tread's wood species and color.

The wood species may also play an important part in determining the riser. Darker woods such as Ipe, American Walnut, Sapele, and Santos Mahogany benefit from a white riser that breaks the space between each tread. Lighter woods such as Natural Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Australian Cypress tend to create a much warmer and more inviting feel when the same wood is used for the tread and riser.
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