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Pre-primed White Retro Riser- 36 in

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$11.81 ea

Quick Overview

Pre-primed White Riser (Retro style), 1/4 in x 7 1/4 in x 36 in length.

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  • Pre-primed White Retro Riser- 36 in


Pre-primed white risers are a beautiful and economical addition to any staircase. They are especially popular in homes with other white trim and molding. White risers are also a great way to lighten a dark staircase or provide definition between steps.
When ordering risers, you'll typically order the same length as the tread. These retro risers are designed to reface an existing riser while being thin enough not to offset your new retro treads past any existing skirtboard.
Our white risers are shipped with the primer coat already applied and can be painted with your favorite brand of white paint to match the other trim in your home. Standard riser dimensions are 1/4" thick by 7-1/4" tall by 36" long.
These risers are designed to be used with our Retro stair treads as part of the complete staircase remodeling system.

Additional Information

Unit Of Measure ea
Width 7 1/4 in
Color Primed White
Length 36 in
Prefinished No
Profile Retro Riser
Thickness 1/4 in
Wood Species Paint Grade (may vary)
Quickship Item Yes
Standard Dimensions Click for standard stair tread dimensions View standard tread & riser dimensions

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Questions on Pre-primed White Retro Riser- 36 in
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  • From deng at 7/8/16 7:48 PM
    • My bottom step has a quarter rounded corner. Will this riser bend to follow the contour ?
    • Thank you for your inquiry. Can you please send me a picture of your step? I want to make sure that I give you the best possible advice. I can be reached via email or 1-866-429-0979 X 204. I look forward to hearing from you.
      Thank you in advance,
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  • From Pat Mitchell at 4/30/16 1:49 PM
    • How do you prevent the first step being higher and the last step being shorter..
    • We typically find our customers are installing 3/4" flooring with our products and if 3/4" flooring is installed upstairs and downstairs, the 3/4" thickness of the retro treads actually keeps the first and last step the exact same height as originally designed.

      Additionally, it is our experience that the first and last steps of most existing staircases are different heights than the rest of the steps in a staircase due to the way they were initially installed. However, the natural tendency to look before walking up or downstairs typically prevents any height difference from being an issue so long as the rest of the steps in a staircase are the same height.
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  • From mike at 12/21/15 9:34 PM
    • Do you have a tread with returns on both ends. The throat size I have is 41 1/4 would this be a stock item.
    • Yes, we manufacture a tread with returns on both ends. This item is made to spec, so it is not considered a stock item. We will be more than happy to assist you with expediting the order if necessary. Please call our sales office directly at (678) 956-6909.
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  • From Marcus at 4/27/15 2:45 PM
    • Do you have risers in a 8" height? My current risers are 8" tall and vary by +/- 0.125"

    • Thank you for your inquiry. Wedo not carry the 8 '' risers stock but we can make them. If you would like for me to put together an estimate for you please contact my office at 1-866-429-0979 x 102.
      Thank you in advance,
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  • From Schmandrick at 4/10/15 6:29 PM
    • Do you have the pre-primed white retro riser longer than 36"? I have 17 risers that are 3'-4" each. What would we add for freight? Let me know asap. Thanks
    • The link below will take you to the 42" primed white riser. You can also type the SKU number into the search bar (RIZP14-42).

      Primed White Riser - 42 in:

      Shipping cost depends on the zip code which the items are being delivered. You can add these items into your cart, and run a shipping quote at the bottom of the cart page. You can also contact a stair treads team member who can assist you with this over the phone!
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  • From Cliff Mcclelland at 4/4/14 10:10 AM
    • Is it okay to use the retro risers together with the traditional 1" stair tread if I am just attaching the riser to the existing riser?
    • You can use Retro Risers with Traditional Treads. You may need the Cove Moulding with this method since you may see the seam between the riser and the tread. Below is a link to our cove moulding.

      Cove Moulding:

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  • From Deborah at 4/2/14 7:14 PM
  • From KM at 10/15/13 12:06 PM
    • Can the retro risers be cut? My stair riser is only 5 7/8" high.

    • The retro riser can be cut the the desired height on site with a table saw, which is very common.
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  • From Anthony at 10/24/12 11:34 PM
    • if i intend to go with cherry treads and the white riser look, is it necessary to purchase the white riser or can i simply paint the wood that is there? Is there a benefit one way or the other and does it change the installation?
    • It is not necessary but is recommended. Most sub treads and risers and construction grade material. They have a lot of grain and character in most cases. Our Primed White Risers are smooth and have no wood grain showing. All they need is a fresh coat of paint. It makes the staircase look cleaner and more complete. It will not change installation, except one more step added to the process. See the installation video below.

      Installation Video:

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  • From Felicia at 6/27/12 7:52 PM
    • Do the white primed risers necessarily have to be painted white. You keep emphasizing that. I would like a beige and what type of paint would I use, a regular interior paint?
    • No they do not have to be painted white necessarily they are primed white so you are able to paint over them with whatever color you choose. As for kinds of paint to use we recommend using oil based paint rather than a latex. Latex paint never fully dries and can cause creaks or a creaking sound over time. Oil base paints dry completely and prevent this issue from occurring.
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  • From Andrea at 8/23/11 1:33 PM
    • Do I have to paint the pre-primed white balusters or is it ready for use?
    • All pre primed white items need a coat of paint once you receive them.
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  • From Mimmo at 2/17/11 8:38 AM
    • Are these solid wood or a plywood?
    • The 1/4" primed white retro risers are a high grade Birch-veneered plywood. All of other wood species / colors and all our 3/4" risers are solid wood.
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  • From Randy at 1/30/11 1:58 PM
  • From Gloria at 11/8/10 8:57 PM
    • Do you have stair raisers that do not need painting and size 36" by 6".
    • The only risers that need painting are the pre-primed white risers. All other risers that are prefinished or "natural" do not need painting. We do not carry white risers that are already painted with a glossy white.
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  • From patti at 11/5/10 9:10 PM
    • I am covering the treads with plank wood but I like the raisers to be white; can I use the risers you sell?
    • You can use the risers that we sell, they are already primed and just need a fresh coat of white paint.
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  • From Cheryl at 9/6/10 8:20 PM
    • Can I paint the risers, add stencils or add decorative tiles?

      Thank you
    • Of course! That is actually a great idea. These risers are already primed, and ready to be painted or decorated.
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  • From Asia at 5/10/10 10:07 PM
    • Is it possible to request that notches are cut into the treads before they ship? I live in an order house with cast iron rails. The bottom tread will require custom cutting. Is it possible to precut the notches prior to shipping, if I provide the dimensions?

    • Unfortunately, we can not custom cut any notches or angles before the product ships. Cuts such as these are best cut in the field to ensure the best fit for each product. Having a solid riser allows you to make any minor adjustments to the product during installation. We find that a jig saw is the best tool for cutting special notches and cutouts.
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  • From pat at 3/27/10 1:02 PM
    • is the stated price- per piece or for 6?
    • All of our prices are listed per piece and you can order as many or as few as you need for your project.
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  • From steve at 1/1/10 11:21 AM
    • dimensions?
    • These risers are 1/4" thick by 7 1/4" high by 36" long and are sprayed with a heavy coat of primer.
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