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Traditional 3/4" Riser

Stair risers are the vertical pieces of wood that are installed between each stair tread. Traditional or standard risers are 3/4" thick and are designed to be installed directly on the stringer (essentially as a standalone application with the traditional stair treads.)

We offer risers in over 35 different species, available in prefinished, unfinished, and primed white...

Choosing between painted white risers and matching stain color and wood species risers can be a tough choice but we find it boils down to geographic location. In the Southeastern United States, we find the preference tends towards white risers, while in the Northeast, we find a heavy trend towards risers matching the stain and species of the stair. At, we offer stair risers in both prefinished and unfinished in 35 different species as well as pre-primed and ready for painting.

Unfinished species risers are shipped sanded and ready for you to apply a coat of your favorite stain and finish.

Wood risers are a beautiful addition to any staircase and add real value to your home. Our prefinished risers are finished using the exact same methods and machinery as our stair treads for a superior finish and extended durability. By finishing the risers at the same time as the stair tread, the best possible color and sheen match is ensured. Just like our stair treads, our durable UV finish is applied to prefinished risers to prolong life of the product.

When ordering risers, order the same length as the tread for the best fit.

Traditional risers are 3/4" thick by 7 1/4" high and generally solid wood. Primed white risers may be solid wood or Birch or Poplar veneered plywood in some cases. We may use veneered plywood to help offset any warping or cupping issues that can be found in certain lumber stock or to create a more uniform and consistent paintable surface.

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