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Why are our bamboo stair tread better than other sources?

In the US market, most bamboo stair treads come from only a very few importers who sell the same product to various distributors and retailers.  The end result is that nearly every retailer is selling the same product with a different label or under a different brand name.  At, we actually mill our bamboo treads from bamboo "lumber" (actually bamboo plywood) here in the states.  The biggest difference between our treads and many of the competitors' products is the way we handle mitered returns.  Our mitered returns are actually cut from a full sized stair tread and attached in the same manner as the rest of our stair treads.  Our competitors simply bullnose a stair tread on three sides and call it a "double return" tread.  We do not believe that a three sided bullnosed tread provides any functional value and that's why we are committed to bringing you the best product at the best value. Take a look...

Bamboo Stair Treads

Our bamboo treads are a full 1" thick, just like any of our other species

Bamboo Stair Treads

Our mitered returns are assembled in the same manner as our other return treads and extend a full 1 1/2" beyond the end of each stair tread

Our returns are preassembled and prefinished so you don't have to worry about finishing, attaching or mitering your own returns in the field

Bamboo Stair Treads Bamboo Stair Treads

The "tail" ends of our returns are bullnosed as well to create a completely finished look on your new install.

The end result is a product that you would be proud to install in your home!