Natural wood always has color variation. Even after stain is applied each piece can look slightly different. Also, have you ever noticed how your T.V., computer, or phone screen can all look a little different in color and definition than someone else's, or even compared to each other? Sometime a picture can't do the actual product justice. These reasons are why we highly recommend ordering a sample pack before placing your actual materials order (when you place your prefinished materials order with us you are credited back the price of your samples, making them FREE).

Our most commonly order samples are those of our 15 standard stains on Red Oak followed by our 4 standard stains on Maple. We can provide you with a cut of any prefinished clear  domestic or exotic wood species that you are in need of that we have in stock or that we can get our hands on for you. We want you to get a real feel for the coloring of the solid wood products you are purchasing for your home so that there are no hiccups or suprises.

Waiting on your Red Oak samples to pick a stain won't slow your project down-we can place the order for your raw materials for you and hold them from stain until you pick your color, just call us when you have decided and they will be ready to go. Order today!!