We have some beautiful Brazilian Cherry veneer, but it would be really difficult to cut and glue it to the existing routed skirtboard. My boss is more familiar with working with the veneer as well as covering the attached routed skirtboard on staircases such as yours. He suggests covering it with the 3/4" Brazilian Cherry skirtboard which will make your stairs 1-1/2" narrower overall.

Your contractor will remove the carpet and all the associated tack strips and staples. Cut off the noses of the existing pine treads up to the existing skirtboard as seen in the installation video and pictures. Then he would install the pre-cut Brazilian Cherry skirtboard by gluing and nailing (using 16 gauge finish nails and a nail gun) it to the existing routed skirtboard. I believe he will be able to cut a 1-1/2" piece off the skirtboard to use as a cap if we prefinish both long edges of the skirtboards that have already been quoted. Alternatively, we can add to your quote pieces that are already cut to 1-1/2" wide that are prefinished on the face and one long edge.

Then the retro treads and risers can be installed. We offer a couple of helpful tools to assist with the installation: the step doctor and the 3 in 1 tool.



I found this link which may be helpful as well. http://www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/tips/scribing-a-skirtboard-to-an-existing-stair.aspx