So you're replacing carpeted stairs with wood treads and just really aren't sure what to do about that switchback in your staircase. You really like the retro tread products as they create a more uniform look, are more durable, and just easier to install but you have an intermediate landing (sometimes called a return or switchback) in your staircase and just really aren't sure how to tackle that part of your project... Let's take a look at this work in progress using our landing panel system:

Intermediate Staircase Landing

We could have used hardwood flooring to cover that funny-shaped area in the middle of the stairs, but it wouldn't have matched up to the color and sheen that this customer selected for their new retro treads so we used our new landing panel system for a much better match in terms of color, sheen, etc.!

Landings in the staircase are usually around 3' x 3' or 4' x 7' (or sometimes even an unusual shape like this one) and are used to change the direction of travel up or down a set of stairs. They allow us to traverse to an upper level and reduce the footprint of the staircase on a floorplan. Since the landing is part of the staircase, you don't want something "close enough." Our landing panel system allows you to use the same material/species/color as the stair treads, and since they're finished at the same time as your new stairs, you'll have a beautiful set of stairs that doesn't look like patchwork.

We installed these landing panels using a finish nailer and construction adhesive (just like the retro treads)

Landing Panel System

After Using our Landing Panels

Prefinished Landing Panels

We've made these landing panels specifically to address the switch-backs or intermediate landings in your staircase that you want to cover with wood.  Right now, we're only manufacturing this in Red Oak but we make it at the same time as your retro treads so the end result will be the same color, gloss, etc. and will create that consistent, flowing look throughout your staircase.  Along the leading edge of the returns, you'll need a landing tread ( to give the system that final bullnose (rounded section on front) and if you'd like to call us directly at (866) 429-0979, we can talk you through any additional questions you have and be happy to work up a total estimate for your project.


Thanks for your interest and we look forward to working with you!


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