Custom Color Matched Stairs and Custom Stain Program for Stair Parts is the only manufacturer that offers custom stained prefinished stair treads in job-lot quantities. With our color matching program, you no longer need to settle for "close enough." You can have truly custom stained stair treads made with the same service you would expect from an on-site installation crew; the quality of our stock stain colors; and the durability of our Aluminum Oxide finish.
Actual Color matched Stair Treads

A Red Oak stair tread matched with flooring samples
Custom-matched stair treads offer several advantages:

    Get the Aluminum Oxide protection of our Diamond Coat II over the stain color of your choice
    Allow your contractor or painter to focus on the larger part of your project instead of spending days tinkering with wood stains
    You can now have almost any stain color applied to your wood stair treads without browsing through dozens of color samples
    You can often find discounted or closeout specials on hardwood flooring and have your stairs matched to the floor
    Shade variations of flooring can be accommodated by custom matching the flooring color

Matching stain is a complicated and time consuming process but, luckily our production personnel are very skilled in matching stain colors. Even with their skill and experience, it can often take several full days of many trial-and-error attempts before a good match can be achieved. On some of the more difficult colors, it is not uncommon for more than a week to be spent adjusting the stain formulas to achieve a good match. Because of the extra time and labor involved, there is a set-up charge applied to custom matched colors, but the extra cost is nothing compared to the time you and your contractor will save by having pre-stained matched stair treads and stair components. The set-up charge applies only once per color and covers any and all prefinished products ordered for a period of 90 days after we complete your order - for example, if you need custom-stained and prefinished newel posts, risers, treads, handrail, and moulding, there would only be a one-time set-up charge which would cover all the different products and, should you need to order additional parts in the same color later, there would not be any additional set-up charges for 90 days!
Our custom stain program is a two-step process:

    Initial sampling and take-off
    Production run

Staining wood products to a unique or special color in a production environment requires a very specialized program and you'll work closely with a member of our sales staff throughout the entire process. In order to begin the initial sample take-off process, you will need to contact us with the details of your project. We'll gather as much detail about your particular project as possible and assist in placing the initial order for your custom sample (we may be able to provide a rough initial quote based on the details you provide but, more often than not, we need to actually see the flooring to provide an accurate quotation). After placing the initial sample order, we'll send a Sample Authorization Form to you via e-mail.

Once you receive the form, mail it along with several pieces of your flooring to us and we'll take it from there! Remember, we need several 8”-12” samples of the flooring you would like to have matched (the more pieces you send us the easier it is for us to match your color - it's very difficult to achieve an accurate match from 1" wood scraps and nearly impossible to see the color range of your flooring from only 1 board).

As soon as we receive your samples, our in-house stain experts will begin to formulate a stain color and make a sample stair wood swatch to send back to you for approval. This process can take as little as one day or as long as several weeks. Once we have matched the color, we will apply your custom colored stain to a sample tread, finish it with our UV coatings, and send it back to you to approve. We also store your particular color sample in our computer system and wood library for quick reference at a later date. After receiving and approving the sample, you're ready to order the production run of your new stair treads, risers, and any other stair parts needed!

Custom set-up charges are divided into two parts totaling $250. The charge for producing the initial sample-match is $100 and the balance of the set-up charge ($150) is billed with the production order as a single line-item. The initial set-up charge helps cover a portion of the set-up time and materials required to make the take-off of your color. In order for us to begin matching the stain color, you will need to contact your sales rep and place the initial sample order. Once you receive the initial sample swatch, you can approve it if you are satisfied with the color or tell us of any changes that you would like to see and we will reformulate and re-sample the color for you (we may need to see pictures of the sample next to your flooring for a better idea of the color-tweaks needed or we may need additional samples from you).