Here's a variation of one of the most common statements / questions we get:

I would like hard wood treads on my now carpeted stairs. Currently there is wood on both sides of the tread that the banister is connected to. It seems the wood tread would have to be 1/2" thick, by 33" by 11 3/4". Do you have any thing close to this? We could cut the length or width.

There are two possible things this customer is describing:

Customer photo showing false treads, or tread caps. It's best to remove these and install a new tread along the entire length rather than trying to piece a new tread in between

  1. The wood on the sides could be the skirtboards
  2. The wood on the sides could be false treads

Let's assume that the wood on the sides is the skirtboard (vertical boards that the steps are most commonly routed into nowadays - they're typically painted white).

From what you describe, you'll need our retro tread.  Red Oak is our most popular species and blends well with most flooring on the market.  The length of 33 inches can be cut from a 36 inch tread and our standard width is 11-1/2 inches wide. Here is a link to our 36" retro treads:


You may also want to view the installation video for a better grasp on the process:


We recommend ordering a sample pack to select the color first:


If the wood on the sides is about 8-10" wide and sitting on the step, it may be a false tread or a tread cap.  If that is the case, it'll need to be removed for the best install.  These can typically be easily removed once the balusters are removed. Although we do have customers elect to install a standard retro tread between the two false treads, we DO NOT recommend this as the finished project doesn't look nearly as nice as if a little extra time was taken initially.