If you have a wide landing on your staircase,Stair-Treads.com offers landing panels that can be used to fill in larger landings on a staircase.By using a landing tread on the nosing of the landing and then using panels to fill in the space behind the landing tread you have simple solution for a seemingly difficult problem.

Landing panels are 3/4" thick, 11" wide, and 60" long and contain a unique tongue and groove design. One side of the panel has a grooved portion and on the other side there is a tongue. The tongue and groove allows the panels to interlock into one another and into the landing tread as well.

The parts to the landing panel system our sold individually so you can order as many or as few as you need to complete your project. To determine the proper material to order, you'll need to know the width and depth of your landing.

For example: If you have a 40" wide x 39" deep landing, order one landing tread for the leading edge and four tongue and groove panels. 4 x 11"= 44" + additional 4" for landing tread.

When installing the landing panel system some find it easier to start by installing the landing tread first. Use finish nails and construction adhesive to hold the landing tread in place then simply tap the panels in place behind the landing tread using a rubber mallet to ensure a snug fit. Keep in mind that it might be a tight fit so it is important to lightly tap the panel with a rubber mallet to make sure the panels fit the area correctly. Simply nail and glue panels in place and you have a completed landing using the landing panel system from Stair-Treads.com.