Dealing with an oversided or awkardly shaped step can be difficult but fortunately offers a valuable solution. By using landing treads and panels you can retro fit oversized and awkwardly shaped steps.

Did you know you can use landing treads and landing panels to retro fit oversized or oddly shaped steps? Some jobs may require treads wider than our standard 11 1/2" treads. does offer oversized treads but these treads tend to be costly and may exceed some customers' budgets. Fortunately there is a simple and less expensive alternative for retro fitting larger stairs. Landing treads can be used around the perimeter of the step to act as a bullnose, and then landing panels can be used to fill in the space behind the landing treads. Our landing treads and panels use a tongue and groove system that allows the treads to lock into one another to provide a tight and accurate fit. Landing treads and panels can also be used on oddly shaped steps, such as trapezoidal and triangular steps. Using the landing tread along the front of the tread as a nosing and by cutting the landing panels to fit the shape of the step you can fill in the shape left behind the landing tread.

 In the below picture the areas highlighted in yellow represent the portion of the oversized step that will be covered by the landing tread and the red areas represent where the landing panels will be placed. 

Oversized Stair