What have I learned in my first two months at Stair-treads.com/ Coastal Carolina Wood Products? For starters I had no clue that each step in my stair case can and probably will vary slightly, or that the different parts of the step/stair actually has a name! The horizontal part is the tread and the vertical part is the riser, and if one side of the step is not cut off by a wall it is called a return. There are traditional treads for new construction and our retro treads that are meant to replace carpet for hardwood.  Replacing carpet is a perfect solution for those suffering from allergies as a means to curb allergens and the symptoms they come with. We are one of only two companies in the world that prefinish our treads with 100% green aluminum oxide that is 500X more durable than any polyurethane on the market, which is great for those with kids and pets or just a lot of what would be wear and tear. I learned that there are species of wood with their own holographic shine, like Brazilian Cherry. Last but not least I learned a new appreciation for American made solid hardwood products in a world full of carpet, laminate, and mystery materials that come from anywhere but home.