From time to time, we're asked a variation of the following question:

Are all your retro treads 3/4" thickness? I'm concerned about adding 3/4" of height to first start and hence taking away 3/4" height from last stair. Ideally I'd like something around 1/2" thickness.

The thinnest we'll make a retro tread is 3/4" because solid wood products any thinner than 3/4" will be very prone to warping and cupping on 11-1/2" wide product. The 3/4" thickness is very close to the original thickness of new, standard-grade carpet + padding (usually +- 1/8" or less).

Regarding the concerns over the rise/run ratio of a staircase remodeled with our Retro Treads , the original rise of the first and last steps are almost never the same in site-built staircases.  Site-built staircases are infamous for having a first step with a short rise and a last step with a tall rise (or vice versa).  Even prefab or shop-built staircases are typically designed with the rise measured from the sub-floor - not the finished floorcovering. In either case, adding 3/4" will, at worst, have a very minimal impact on the rise/run ratio of the remodeled staircase, and at best, may actually improve the ratio. This is especially true if 3/4" hardwood flooring is installed in the lower or upper levels of the house, since doing so will raise the finished surface of that floor by 3/4".

In any case, the height from one finished tread to the next will always be the same once a person enters a staircase since the same 3/4" thick treads will be installed on every step, thus making the height between each step the same as it was before the Retro Treads were installed. As always though, we advise you to address any concerns with local building codes during the planning phase of your staircase remodel.

We hope this helps alleviate any concerns over the height differences when installing 3/4" thick Retro Treads.