White Oak is currently THE most desirable and durable of wood species on the market and one of the most popular for custom millwork. It used to be the most valuable species of wood in America, and now because of its wide distrobution is one of the most economical. Here are a few reasons White oak is flying off of our shelves:

1. Has a closed cellular structure, protecting it from water damage and rot. White Oak is even used for boat building.

2. Made up of 15-20% Tannic acid, making it fungi and insect resistant.

3.Split resistant and strong.

4. At least 5% stronger thaan Red Oak.

5.Very easy to work with, has an even finish with a more consistent grain than a lot of other species that makes it easy to match too.

6 Beautiful and economical!

We offer unfinished, prefinished, and custom stained and finished White oak products. Check out our new wire brush finish here:


White Oak is our most in demand species, make sure to order yours today!