Easy Solutions to Common Problems


  1. White Powder on Surface of Treads:


The white powdery appearance on the surface of our treads is a common issue. What you see is a fine dust that gets lodged in the grain of the tread while the tread is in production. This powder is a by-product of the numerous sandings our treads undergo during the staining process. Our factory uses dust collectors which capture most of the sawdust but some dust particles remain in the air. These particles of dust can get lodged in the grain of the tread which leads to the white powdery spots on the tread's surface. This occurs most heavily in woods with a deep grain pattern such as red oak, white oak, and ash species. Our darker stains such as saddle, provincial, and gunstock tends to make the captured dust more noticeable. By using a damp cloth you should be able to wipe away the access dust from your treads. Gently move the rag over the surface of the tread where the dust is most noticeable. Repeat this process until the dust is cleared away.