New Summer Projects

    Summer time means new ideas, and projects! We at also are embarking on new projects. We have added some interesting things to our website.

Landings In The Staircase

     Trying to re-do your stairs, but confused about what to do with the landing in the stair case? Worry no more, just check out our page on landings:

Using The Right Adhesive

    We have partnered with Liquid Nails® and PL® to bring you a list of adhesives that we do and do not recommend. Certain adhesives can ruin your new stair treads, so steer clear of those by looking here:

What's Next?

      Stay in tune with us, because you will not want to miss what we have coming next! We will soon have new informative videos about products, and installation. We at are always open to answering your questions, or feedback. You can contact us by calling toll free (866) 429-0979 or by contacting us

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May's Design Tip

     Instead of unfinished stair treads (which are treads that are cut, glued, and sanded) consider prefinished!
Natural finish on a wood product protects the wood resulting in a longer life span for your stair treads, risers, etc. Natural finish also preserves the product while not hiding the natural beauty of the wood species.
     Stain colors to match the existing floors is also a great idea. We have seven premade color stain, and we do custom stain to accommodate our customers wants and needs! Our premade stains include: Cherry, Butterscotch, Golden Oak, Gunstock, Natural, Provincial, and Saddle.
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