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Retro Treads and Risers

Retro stair treads and risers are of a slightly different shape and thickness than traditional treads and risers specifically made to replace a carpeted stair with a new hardwood step of a particular specie or color. Retro replacement stair treads and risers are designed to be installed over the existing stairs in a stairwell. Because the installation is much easier than our traditional 1" treads, the retro stair treads and risers are the perfect products for do-it-yourself'ers...

Because retro treads and risers are specifically designed to be installed over existing stairs; retro treads and risers can be easily installed without having to remove any existing stair or stair riser.

The difference between our retro treads and our traditional 1" stair treads is the method of installation.

Our retro treads are not intended to be a stand-alone installation but is meant to be installed over an existing stair tread while our traditional 1" stair treads are designed to be used in new installations or in applications where the existing step tread will be removed and replaced with the new step tread.

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