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Shipping Damage


While extremely rare, sometimes an order may be damaged during transit. You must inspect your order carefully and thoroughly before you sign for your shipment while the driver of the delivery truck (UPS, FedEx, LTL) is present. If you do notice damage or items missing, make a note on the bill of lading (the document you sign to accept the product) "WITH EXCEPTION - DAMAGED GOODS" or "WITH EXCEPTION - SHORT xxx" and then ACCEPT the delivery. If the shortage or damage was not notated on the delivery receipt upon arrival, we can not honor damage or shortage claims and you will have to repurchase any missing material or damaged items.


Call or e-mail us as soon as possible after noting an exception with the carrier (within 48 hours) so we can file a claim with the carrier and send you a replacement. The longer you wait to notify us, the harder it becomes to recover the costs and the longer it takes to complete your order. We will issue a call-tag for the damaged merchandise, so keep it handy. You may need to take the damaged product out of the damaged box and put it in the box from an undamaged tread. Call or e-mail us as soon as possible (again within 48 hours). We can not accept damage or shortage claims after 48 hours from the date of delivery.

If you notice any damage, please contact us as soon as possible.