FedEx Freight, FedEx National, Local Terminal Pickup, and Residential Curbside Delivery - What are my delivery options?

At, we ship most orders via two primary freight companies: FedEx Freight and FedEx National LTL. These freight carriers are very reliable and are backed by the strength and technological innovation of FedEx - a company you may associate with small package delivery. There is one primary difference between these two companies and the FedEx package service - these companies carry heavy or larger loads and pallets

Small Parcel is a broad term we use to describe FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, UPS, DHL, USPS and similar companies. Most orders consisting of less than 3 stair treads, samples, and other orders less than 50 lbs travel well with this option. Costs typically range between $20 and $50 depending on the total weight and destination. This option is not suited for average sized stair tread orders (10-15+ treads) or orders over 50 lbs. These small parcel carriers are not designed to handle heavy or bulky packages; are generally more expensive; and have a much higher rate of damage with our products. If you choose this option during checkout, we will most likely ship your order via one of our freight carriers. We will use our discretion to ship your order in the safest and most economical method available.

FedEx Freight operates in a regional fashion. They typically offer a slightly shorter transit time and better rates if you are near us (we're located in just north of Charleston, South Carolina). The Southeastern US and much of the East Cost will see shorter transit times and lower freight rates with orders shipped by FedEx Freight.

FedEx National LTL operates long-haul operations and is tailored to freight that needs to travel a longer distance, such as the Midwest and West Coast of the United States. If you live in California, Washington, Oregon, or the Southwestern US, you will typically see lower delivery rates and shorter transit times because of the way the freight moves through the terminals.

Residential Curbside Delivery includes delivery to the closest point that a full sized tractor-trailer can deliver to your home. With this shipping method, once your order arrives at the local terminal, the freight company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment. The carrier will then deliver your order once the appointment is set. Someone will need to be present at the delivery time to unload the boxes from the truck and sign for the material. This is the most convenient delivery method. In general, if you'd like your order to be delivered to your home, you should select this method.

What is included in Curbside Delivery? Our Residential Curbside Delivery includes curbside delivery to your home or business address. This means the truck will get as close as possible to your driveway and will bring the freight to the back of the truck. The driver is not responsible for unloading and are prohibited from assisting in the process other than removing banding and shrink wrap from the skids. If you live on a non-public road, in deep woods, have low power lines, or a gravel driveway, please call us to discuss your delivery location so we can communicate these challenges to the trucking company in advance.

With Local Terminal Pickup, we ship your order to the local freight terminal instead of your home. The freight company will call you once your order arrives and then you take the material from the local freight terminal to your home. An average order will easily fit into a pickup truck, a mini-van with folding seats, a SUV, or some larger cars. If you select this method for your order, you will need to enter the local freight terminal's address in the "Shipping Information" section during checkout. To find a local freight terminal near you, click here. Many people prefer this method because the costs are typically less and it may be more convenient to pick up your order than to wait for the freight company to deliver your new stair treads.