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We primarily ship our orders via LTL freight. LTL is "Less Than Truckload" and is what most people call "drop shipping" or "truck shipping." We ship our orders this way because they are simply too heavy for small parcel carriers like FedEx ground and UPS to handle efficiently. While our stair treads are durable, they are wood and will break if dropped from a high distance or if stacked in an awkward position during transit. By bundling your new stairs on a pallet and then shipping everything as a single unit, you are virtually guaranteed to have an intact delivery with all of the parts and pieces accounted for and intact.

The standard shipping rates found on our Shipping Rates page include residential delivery to your home. While this is the most convenient delivery method for you, it isn't always necessarily the least expensive. The good news is that our standard freight carrier, FedEx Freight or FedEx National, has over 480 different freight terminals across the United States and Canada. Nearly all of these terminals are available as pickup points for your order!

Typically, freight companies add on and additional fee for residential delivery because of the difficultly in accessing personal residences with a full sized 53' truck. These fees vary from carrier to carrier and from region to region. If you're interested in picking up your order at a local freight terminal, we can arrange for the shipper to hold your order at their local terminal until you pick it up. This may be a good alternative if you have difficulty in scheduling a delivery time during the day because of your work schedule or other reasons as well.

But perhaps the main reason, after all, is to save money. In our experience, shipping the freight to a local terminal instead of bringing the freight truck to your home can save anywhere from $40 - $100 and in some cases, more. We've created this terminal lookup tool to help find a terminal near you. Just enter your zip code in the box below and we'll search for the nearest terminal to you. You can then e-mail us or call us and we'll run the freight costs to that particular terminal! Remember that freight companies charge a fee based on weight and dimensions so if you e-mail us, give us a general idea of what you are considering ordering so that we can accurately rate your shipment.

Find a Local Freight Terminal

You may notice that there some of the address on this map are "FedEx Freight" and others are "FedEx National". Although the names are very sililiar, these are two different companies with two different rate structures, so you may want to choose one of each near you for comparison.