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Species >> Amazonian Rosewood

Amazonian Rosewood

Amazonian Rosewood
Amazonian Rosewood

Other Names:

Honduran Rosewood
Indian Rosewood
African Rosewood
South American Rosewood
Palo de Rosa
Honduras rosewood

Janka Hardness:

Amazonian Rosewood
Red Oak

Color Range:
6- Above Average

Amazonian Rosewood is generally red in color but the can range from a light creamy tan in sapwood to deep red in heartwood.

Region: Tropical
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The Tree: Another of the true rosewoods, Amazonian Rosewood is hard and heavy and produces an excellent shine when finished. It has a unique smell when cut or milled, and it is light red (almost pink) to a dark yellow/gold with wide stripes of darker color throughout. Amazonian Rosewood trees do not grow very large; it is rare to find widths over 4" wide and thicker than 4/4. Lumber frequently contains pith, checks, splits, or otherwise unusable sections, and requires much defecting to produce a quality finished product.

Stair Treads: Products made from this specie will have a maximum thickness of 7/8" instead of a full 1"

Appearance: Rosewood typically displays unique growth rings and a wavy grain pattern throughout the wood. This is typical with smaller trees and adds to the wood's uniqueness.

Weight: approx. 50 lbs. per cubic foot

Color Range: Light to medium red or pink and can appear almost blond or gold is some lighting conditions.

Other Interesting Information:"Genuine Rosewood" is an endangered species and the lumber is highly illegal to harvest, import, or export. Because of this numerous other "rosewoods" have steadily entered the flooring and lumber market over time. Most of these are distant relatives to Genuine Rosewood with similar grain patterns and color. Many popular flooring brands stain their flooring to give it a richer appearance.

Because of the numerous products marketed under a rosewood name, we strongly suggest ordering a sample prior to any large order.