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Price Matching

Competitive Pricing

At, we believe that our product is truly superior to any other prefinished stair tread on the market today, but we also understand that we need to be able to offer this superior quality at a competitive price point.  Unfortunately, many construction and remodeling projects exceed their original budget which often forces you to begin scaling back towards the end of the project.  Since new prefinished stair treads should be installed as close to the end of the project as possible, you can be stuck with a decision on quality or price.

We understand that economic circumstances govern most of our lives and that's why...
we will do everything in our power to match or beat our competitors price in any of our prefinished products.

  • Do you have a quote on prefinished products from a competitor?
  • Give us the opportunity to match any competitor's price on prefinished stair treads and we will do our best to meet or beat that quote.
    Here's how it works:
    • Obtain a written (or printed) price quote from another prefinished stair tread supplier.  You can even print your "shopping cart" screen from another website that shows the quantity, description, price, etc.  There must be some sort of notation that the stair treads on this quote are prefinished.  The competitor's name must be on the quote somewhere as well as a date.
    • Register with us or log in When you register, we assign you a dedicated account manager who can assist with ordering, answer questions, and create custom quotes.  By registering, our dedicated account managers can extend special discounts that are unique to you and your project.
    • E-mail us and let us know that you would like to match a quote from a different supplier. Attach your quote to your e-mail and provide a brief background of your needs.
    • Your account manager will work every possible angle to make sure that we bring you the best value possible and provide custom quotes and pricing just for you. 
      Often, our competitors will price their core products low and grossly exaggerate the price of accessories which results in a very similar total cost but very different individual product costs.

As a quick note, because our process is different than most other suppliers, we will not always be the cheapest, but we can guarantee that our quality will be the best.  Many other suppliers are "prefinishing" their stair treads by simply having one of their warehouse people brushing or spraying polyurethane in a back area of their warehouse.  We do not believe that this is truly "prefinished", we consider this "finished."  Technically speaking, the two terms are interchangeable but there is a difference between what someone can achieve in a back corner of a warehouse and what can be achieved with expensive dedicated finishing equipment in controlled environments with industrial grade finishes.  We also supply certain other companies with prefinished products for them to resell.  As a general business rule, we will not compete with them on pricing.  If you submit a quote from one of these companies, we will tell you upfront and will continue to support you in any other way we can.

There's never any obligation with receiving competitive price quotes and we don't believe in high pressure selling.  Our quality speaks for itself, and when your product is that good, it doesn't require questionable selling tactics; just good ol'fashion service. value promised; value delivered.