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Receiving Your Stair Tread Order

How many boxes are there total?

In order to see the most accurate, up to date information, log in to your account and view your shipments. Each separate shipment and its master tracking number will be listed. Many shipments will have several packages that may arrive on several different dates. If any individual package is not showing progress on the carrier's tracking app, please contact us to investigate.

I'm missing a part

Log in to your account and verify that each item has been shipped - if one product is not available, we may partial ship your order. If an item is not showing shipped, we are aware of it and should have it shipped shortly (there's no action you need to take but you may contact us for an update if you desire). If every item has been shipped, a package may have fallen behind in transit. Check each associated tracking number and make sure that it is showing delivered - it may arrive 3-4 days after other packages in the same shipment but show as "In Transit" until delivery actually occurs. After checking the tracking information and you believe you're still missing an item, contact us with the details and we'll investigate.

Why did my order arrive by a different carrier than the one I chose during checkout?

We're constantly trying and testing new methods to improve our processes which ultimately result in lower costs, quicker deliveries, and better customer service for everyone. Depending on the material you order, we may have it in stock at one of our alternate ship points or stock processing facilities. Instead of having you wait for several weeks while we produce your order, we have it ship directly from that facility. Don't worry, any changes we make to your order will not result in additional charges to you.

In some cases, the chosen method may not be available for certain products (i.e. handrail or treads over 8' long); in this case, we will change the shipping method to the one we feel will deliver your order in the quickest and safest method available.

Something's damaged!

While extremely rare, sometimes an order may be damaged during transit. You must inspect your order carefully and thoroughly before you sign for your shipment while the driver of the delivery truck (FedEx Freight, R+L Carriers, or other LTL [freight] truck) is present. If you do notice damage or items missing, make a note on the delivery receipt: "WITH EXCEPTION - DAMAGED GOODS" or "WITH EXCEPTION - SHORT xxx" and then ACCEPT the delivery. If the shortage or damage was not notated on the delivery receipt upon arrival, we can not honor damage or shortage claims and you will have to repurchase any missing material or damaged items.

When you note a shipment as damaged, the driver should give you an OS&D / exception number (some carriers don't provide this and that's OK as long as it's noted on the document you sign). Next, take an inventory of the shipment and verify the part number and quantity of each damaged item. Take digital pictures of the damaged carton(s) as well as each item and e-mail them to us with a list of the damage. Be sure to include the number of damaged items as well as which items are damaged. If the carrier provides and OS&D number, include that in the e-mail as well. Once we receive this information, we'll start the claims process and work with you on providing replacement material if needed. We will typically issue a call-tag for the damaged merchandise, so keep it handy. You may need to take the damaged product(s) out of the damaged box and put it in the box from an undamaged product to return to us.

You can e-mail the information as a reply to any order confirmation, order update, or shipment notice we've sent you or submit a new ticket by logging in to your account.

Other Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any other questions and we'll be happy to help and most importantly: Thank you for your order!