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Retro Replacement Stair Treads for Your Home in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas & Beyond

Replacement stair tread

When your carpet stairs become damaged or you are ready for an upgrade, a quick and easy solution to your flooring needs is retro replacement stair treads. If time and money are tight, pre-fitted retro replacement stair treads are designed to fit over your existing carpet treads and can easily be installed by homeowners with common tools.

Slightly thinner than other replacement treads, retro replacement stair treads are essentially 3/4” “caps” that are sized to code and will complement your existing flooring. Retro replacement stair treads also feature a 1” bullnose on the front edge to give the appearance of a full 1-inch thick stair tread once it is installed in your home.

Retro replacement stair treads from are custom-stained and treated to match your existing flooring and are available in over 25 species of wood, including:

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