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Main Topic: Prestained Wood Stair Treads

Staining your own stair treads is a tedious task requiring days in order to complete. Not only does staining your own stair treads require time due to numerous applications needed to apply the stain, staining wood also calls for a variety of materials and equipment. Thanks to you no longer need to worry yourself with the messy and expensive process of staining your own stair treads. Providing customers with premium quality prestained wood stair treads, is your source for simple do-it-yourself projects.’s selection of starter steps, single return, and closed treads can accommodate any new stair installations in a variety of different stains.’s treads are a full ¼” thicker than hardwood flooring and are made from solid pieces of wood. Prestained wood stair treads are the ideal solution to the difficult task of matching stain color with the color of existing hardwood flooring. works closely with major wood flooring companies to match hardwood floor samples. With a selection six different stain colors as well as a natural (clear coated) finish, matching prefinished wood stair treads with your hardwood flooring is made a quick and uncomplicated task. Staining your own wood stair treads is very time consuming due to the amount of time it takes to apply the stain. Typically several layers of stain are require to achieve an accurate depth of color. Staining your own stair treads also requires numerous sandings and finish applications. Prestained wood stair treads undergoes a 5 coat process. Stain coloration is consistent and full bodied. also offers custom stain colors. By sending a sample of your wood flooring is able to match any stain color so you do not have to spend time matching a stain by trial and error.

Red Oak Stain Option

  • Butterscotch
  • Cherry
  • Ebony
  • Golden Oak
  • Gunstock
  • Provincial
  • Red Oak Natural
  • Saddle

Start with a Red Oak sample pack to see all your prestained Oak stair tread options.

Maple Stain Options -
Low Country Maple Collection

  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Maple Natural
  • Georgetown
  • Sullivans Island

Start with a Low Country Maple sample pack to see all your prestained Maple stair tread options.

Other Stain Options

  • Custom Stain Program

If you have a unique color that doesn't fall into one of our standard stain colors, we can match color samples of flooring or other wood that you provide. Read More »»

Prestained wood stair treads from are more durable than self applied stains because of the use of aluminum oxide. All prestained wood stair treads are finished with a coating of aluminum oxide which protects the stain. Prestained wood stairs treads are cured beneath UV lights which leads to a more consistent and even surface. On a molecular level aluminum oxide causes bumps on the stair tread. These bumps in the prestained wood stair treads’ finish can not be seen but have to be worn down before the stain can get scratched. Because of this’s prestained wood stair treads are harder to scratch than polyurethane and last up to 50 years under heavy use.

If you are looking to replace carpeted stairs with prestained wood stair treads or if your existing wood stairs are becoming dull, rough, or losing their shine, is your online source for simple do-it-yourself home improvement project. Make a partner in your new stair installation. Prestained wood stair treads are made to last and will provide home owners with a beautiful aspect of your home for years and years to come. Contact an expert member of our staff today and add a new focal point to your home.