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White Balusters is your online source for white balusters. Offering a variety of styles and profiles in white balusters, has everything you will need to get the perfect look for your staircase. offers our customers a vast selection of white balusters in a variety of profiles and designs. White balusters are used to support the railing system and to heighten the decorative appearance of a staircase. Because carries a wide range of style in white balusters it is simpler than ever before to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look with your staircase.

Check out some of these popular styles of white balusters available at and see the full list here.

2005 Plain Baluster

2005 Primed Plain Baluster 1-5/8" Square Top

With its classic look, the square top baluster is squared at both the top and bottom and has a thin, curved midsection.

5005 Hampton Baluster

5005 Primed Baluster 1-5/8" Square Top

Similar to the 2005 with a longer squared top and with more styalized curves on the midsection.

5040 Tapered Baluster

5040 Primed Tapered Baluster 1-1/4" Pin Top

A thin and sleek baluster design that is both simple and elegant. The shape of the pin top baluster is narrow at the top and becomes thicker at the bottom.

5360 Square Baluster

1-5/8" Primed Square Baluster
1-1/4" Primed Square Baluster

The 5360 square baluster possesses a simple rectangular shape from top to bottom.

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