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We've put together this short instructional video on how to install prefinished stair treads. To begin watching, click the image above

Installing prefinished stair treads is easy and we've put together this short video to outline the basic steps used to transform your carpeted staircase to a new wood staircase in a single afternoon.

Note: This video is based on 48" stair treads - if you have a smaller set of stairs, you will most likely use less adhesive per step. On a set of 36" stairs, you will most likely need less than 1/2 tube of adhesive per tread. Please follow the manufacturer's recommended application methods when using construction adhesive

Recommended Adhesives

Only use 100% urethane based adhesives when installing solid wood stair treads! Water-based adhesives may cause the wood to warp if too much is used. We strongly advise you to read the recommended adhesives page prior to installing your new stair treads. An adhesive with a high moisture content can ruin a set of wood stairs and is not covered by our warranty!

You may also want to review our written installation instructions

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