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At, you are an important customer, not a number and we prefer to treat you as such. Our mission is simple:

  • To offer the best quality stair building components in the widest ranging and hard to find species in the industry.
  • To offer our clients legendary customer service with unprecedented support and response time.
  • To deliver prefinished and unfinished stair treads, risers, moulding and other stair building components built to quality standards found nowhere else in the industry.
  • For every customer to rate us as a "Perfect 10" in all aspects of our business.

If we accomplish our goals and do our part, we believe the rest will fall into place. We are not a fly-by-night operation like so many other internet companies and will work hard to deliver the best value and service to you, our customers.

Here are just a few of our many recent customer comments:
Note: we leave all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors intact from the customer e-mails but we remove our customer's last name

2/03/15 -" Hi Tamzen, the steps are done . They really look great! if I don't say so myself... "
Gabriel - Mullica Hill, NJ

3/03/14 -" it,s been a pleasure conversing with dakota...very professional,courteous, and helpful.......... "
George - Cooper City, Florida

1/25/14 -" Thank you very much. This is a an example of great customer service. "
Bill - Belle Vernon, PA

12/10/13 -" Stairs are finally finished! Thanks for all of your help. Sending pics. "
Dena - Marlton, NJ

9/29/13 -"Thanks, Great service..."
Ralph R - Pensacola, FL

9/27/13 -"Thank you for your outstanding costumer service.
Regards, "
Cezary S - Pittstown, New Jersey

8/02/13 -" Wow!!! I'm really impressed with you customer service. You guys are too fast... Thanks for all the help!! "
Doug - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

5/31/13 -" Hi Dakota,
Thanks for your help. It has been a pleasure working with you and your company.
Sincerely, " Felicia M. - Tampa, Florida

5/04/13 -" My husband and I are so happy with how our stairs turned out and wanted to share some pics of how great it looks. Thanks again for all of your help. "
Heidi - Ruckersville, Virginia

3/28/13 -"Customer loves everything and it all looks GREAT. Thanks for all your help with this project."
Sandra S.- Don's Carpet One
Birmingham, Alabama

10/29/12 -" Wow, you people are fast. Thank you for everything you have done to make the entire process easy. When completed I would be happy to send pics and write a review.
Again, thank you!!"
Mike - Las Vegas,NV

09/25/12 -" Picked up the stair parts. Everything looks good. Thanks!
Oh, I especially like the curved joint where the return cap meets the tread. That's a nice design feature. My compliments to the chef. "
Ernest - Virginia Beach, Virgina

7/23/12 -" Hi Dakota,
The samples were very helpful and my husband spoke to you about ordering the supplies we needed. They arrived last week and we almost have completed the installation of the stairs. We are so happy with the product."
Diana - Aurora, Colorado

7/17/12 -"I just discovered retro stairs last week. I have installed 39 of them in less than a week. A great product. Doug Ford home improvements"
Doug - Louisville, KY

Jun 8, 2012 -" I thought you might like to see what your treads look like in a beach house on Harbor Island where we replaced the carpet shown in one of the pictures.
I've attached some photos of the stairs after the treads were installed but before the trim and caulking.
We are very pleased with the new treads--my wife comments every day how much she likes them.
Thanks for your excellent product and friendly service."
Gary - Columbia, South Carolina

6/8/12 -"I thought you might like to see what your treads look like in a beach house on Harbor Island where we replaced the carpet shown in one of the pictures.
I've attached some photos of the stairs after the treads were installed but before the trim and caulking.
We are very pleased with the new treads--my wife comments every day how much she likes them.
Thanks for your excellent product and friendly service."
Gary - Columbia, SC

6/7/12 -"Thank you for the updates Dakota. We very much appreciate your very professional and timely assistance.
We definately[sic] look forward to working with you and Stair-Treads on future projects.
Thank you!"
Stephen - Centennial, CO

5/31/12 -" Hi,
Shippment was received today and all looks good. Thanks for the hassle free service. "
Kevin - Carmel, Indiana

5/31/12 -"...Looks good. Thanks!"
Mark - Yorba Linda, California

4/29/12 -" Hi Dakota,

I wanted to thank you again for all your help with my Stair Treads order. I am so very thrilled with the outcome and you were right, the Butterscotch Stair Treads matched my existing floors perfectly. The work is done and I wanted to send you photos of the results; you can see that my stair cases and landings are absolutely stunning.

OMG!!! Happy is an understatement!!! I am one of your company's biggest advocates and have recommended to several people here in MD.

Thank you so much for everything; you are the best!!!!"
Cheryl - Bowie, MD

4/11/12 -"... pleased with the quality of the oak ... and you guys willing to stand behind it makes a big difference. I'll definitely order again."
David - Seattle, WA

3/10/12 -"Hi, I received the new treads last week with the color you matched from the sample I sent and it is a perfect match. I was worried it was going to be difficult for you to match the color but you did it. I want to thank you for your great customer support on this matter. I feel you and your team went above and beyond what I expected a company to do. I really appreciate all you did for me on this issue. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!"
Maureen - Swansea, MA

2/28/12 - "Thank you again. We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the materials."
Eliza - Orlando, Florida

5/2/11 -" The first thing I would like to say that I have been in the construction trade, and Property Development for over 50 years and have dealt with many suppliers of the building trades. Stair-Treads.Com is a pleasure to do business with, the product they put out is far superior to anything on the market today. The workmanship is state of the art, and when they tell you something they keep their word 100%. This last stair project I had some problems to deal with, in that the builder oddveisley [sic] never used a square, the center stringer was bowed pretty bad, this took some time to make right.Of course when a developer builds a string of homes they cover everything with cheap shag carpet, and let go. But the nice thing is that the new stair treads are so well built that all it took was a little belt sanding to the center of the new tread and it fit like a glove. All you need to do is tape your tread on top to the angle you want and sand to the tape edge. The one thing I did is start your work from the top, not from the bottom! That way you and your tools are resting on the unfinished stair, it is not a good idea to be stepping all over your new work. Again I want to say thank Dakota for following through with my order."
Ralph - Mesa, AZ

4/13/11 -" Excellent customer service. Very impressed with the way your opertions [sic] runs.
Thank you!
Steve" - Orange, California

1/24/11 -" Dakota was great to work with. Very professional and is a compliment to your business.
Thanks much for the follow up. Stairs are really looking great and I can't even begin to tell you how fulfilling it has been to complete this project on my own. I am probably just shy of professional at this now. Well, maybe not that good, but it does look good says my wife and I will follow up with before/after pictures for you. I have accomplished the majority of the project, and I am totally blind. Somewhere in this story there is some confidence that many others could do this in their home without any major concern. If I can do it, just about anybody could.
Have a fantastic week. Thanks again",
Kevin - Carmel, Indiana

11/3/10 -"...our treads are now installed and they are absolutely FABULOUS! WOW! We are so happy with your product and your service – if you ever need a reference we would be happy to extol your personal and Stair Treads corporate service and product excellence. "
Thanks again,
Stan W. - Glendale, AZ

10/6/10 -"I received the stair treads yesterday and inspected them this morning. They are a fine product! Thanks so much for your assistance."
David B. - Bel Air, MD

9/23/10 -"I hope this email finds you well. Siavash and I would like to thank you for the beautiful stairs we finally have them installed and they look perfect. Thanks a million for all your help. Wished we have known about your company ealier.
Have a great day."
Marjan & Siavash

9/22/10 -"I received the replacement retro riser yesterday. Thanks for sending that our so quickly. In addition to the quality of the products I am very impressed with the level of customer support and will recommend you to others. I actually know many builders and remodelers in the area. The Chapel Hill, Durham and Hillsborough areas have a lot of historic homes and this is a product that many people could use..."
Thanks and regards,
David K.

7/8/10 -"[We] are very pleased with the quality of the stairs. They are solid and beautiful. We will certainly keep you in mind for our future needs.
Warm regards,
Bobby W. "
Reno, Nevada

6/25/10 -"Hello Recieved and installed my order of stair treads-Looks great and the video was a big help. Many thanks. "

4/5/10 -"I received my treads on 4/02/10. The order was in great condition. I am very pleased with the product. I can’t wait to get started mounting them on my stairs. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I will tell my friends about your business. Thank you again "
Stephen C. -Statesville, NC

3/24/10 -"Dear

I received my stair treads yesterday and they look FANTASTIC, I wan to thank you for such a beautifull job you did with my order.

From begginning to End Mr. Josh McGrath helped me with my order, I am very pleased to say that Josh customer service was beyong expectations and his knowlege of the products and process is excellent as well. It is a pleasure to work with people that cares, just the way Josh does.

Thank you Josh and thank you stair treads for such a wonderful job.


Oscar L. - Plano, Texas"

2/27/10 -"Just a quick note of Thanks. My wife couldn't be happier with the way our stairway now looks with the new Oak Retro Treads and Risers. Be assured that I will recommend your products to all my personal friends as well as business colleagues involved in the construction industry."
Jim B. -Calumet City, IL

2/15/10 -"...some of the stairs I've finished and some that I still have to do. They haven't been at all difficult to install using the instructions on your website. They've really turned out well and my wife is thrilled. No more vacuuming stairs. Your company makes a quality product.Thanks again for your help... "
Bill W. -Prosperity, SC

2/5/10 - "Just wanted to let you folks know that the treads arrived safely, I’ve installed them and they look absolutely great. I would recommend you to anyone!"
Steve L. -Redmond, WA

1/20/10 - "I just wanted to thank you for good service and quality treads. I installed them yesterday and I am quite pleased. I hope to do business with stair-treads again."
Wes -Colorado Springs, CO

10/19/09 -"I think it [my install] turned out pretty awesome... we cut down the original treads and installed all the risers one day, cut down the new treads and installed them the next day (thank goodness for Home Depot table saw rental) and then did all the trim and put the railing back the last day. "
Lisa -Knoxville, TN

9/28/2009 -"I am writing to express my satisfaction with the way my stairs came out and very happy to have come to to make this happen. I am not a carpenter; actually I cannot even cut a straight line - really; I am awful with a saw. But I was determined to make this work since I did not have the budget to have new stairs installed. I completed the work in a day and a quarter. Then later of course, I did the trim work around the foyer and laundry areas. My stairs had been covered with carpet for many years. A few years ago I removed the carpet, did my best to sand and paint them and threw a runner down the middle. The stairs never looked good. However, now I am extremely pleased every time I go up and down them. I am very proud and surprised, since I really did not expect them to come out looking so good. Just wanted to say thank you again for all your advice and help that allowed me to complete my project--some pics are attached."
Ed M. - Ansonia, CT

"I have been debating on doing my stairs for over a year. I had several estimates and did not feel confident with the contractors. When looking at different staircases on the Internet I found your website and called Josh. He walked me through how the stairs were to be installed and had answer for every question. Knowing that I had technical support behind me as knowledgeable as Josh I decided to tackle this task myself. I am a small business owner and I wish I had all employees as courteous, polite and knowledgeable as Josh. I believe he is a true asset to your company and would not be surprised if he had some kind of vested interests because he definitely cares about your company. Needless to say I completed the stairs and they came out beyond my expectations. I will send photos so you can post them on the website if you would like.
-Thanks again" - David, Corvina, CA

"Thanks for all your help and a great product." -CHET, Maryville, TN

"Very nice material,easy to install." - Ray, Wappingers Falls, NY

" I am extremely satisfied with your products. I think the stairs look beautiful and elegant.
Thank you very much." - Warren, Ypsilanti, MI

" Actually just finished the installation today. I loved the treads & risers... [the installation] went just fine. My customers are pleased so thats what it is all about. Thanks for a very good experience. You have a quality product here and I will use again in the future. Thanks!!" B W - Collinsville, VA

"...just wanted to let you guys know you're company makes awesome products, good quality wood along with professional craftsmanship. Oak treads and risers installed and they look great! I will be spreading the word." - Lou, Chesapeake Beach, MD

"Thanks The treads looked great!" - Gene, Huntington Beach, CA

"Currently I am cutting and fitting the treads I received earlier and they are looking great! The color match is perfect and I’m enjoying the quality of the maple wood... They are beautiful…great job!" - Bob, Bulverde, TX

"My retrostock treads arrived Friday and I'm really happy with the workmanship and the finish. Great job!" -Andy, McKinney, TX

"I wanted to let you know that the handrail arrived and we put it up yesterday. It looks great and the color was perfect. I really appreciate all of your time and help." - Annie, Sherman Oak, CA

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend Stair-Treads.Com for providing such a quality product. We have had our stair treads installed for about one week now and they look fantastic! We are very pleased with the outcome but more importantly, we are appreciative of the high level of customer service that you provided us throughout this transaction... My wife and I will definitely recommend Stair-Treads.Com to our friends and family without any hesitation." - Owen, Hamden, CT

"Thanks for a beautiful product.  Product got here faster than first estimated and looked great!  Easy for a DIY to do the job..." -Nick, Nashville, TN

"...we really appreciate your quick response and the high level of customer service you have given to us. you have been a pleasure to work with." -Sara, Iowa City, IA

"You've been very helpful. I'm glad that we don't have to tear down the entire staircase and start from scratch as one builder suggested at an estimated cost of $10k (get out of town!!!)." -Susan

"The new sample is perfect. It matches the kitchen very well. I am ready for the shipment. Thank you for all your help. I haven't seen customer service like this in years. Highly recommended." -Angie , Arlington, TX