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Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC's Order and Return Policies

For orders placed through the website ""

  1. Time Limits Governing Returns, Exchanges, Damages and Shortages
    • Unless otherwise specified in our limited warranty, or in one of the below sections, any and all exchanges, returns, refunds, modifications, claims, or other exceptions must be received by our offices, in writing, within 30 days of the final invoice date, which is typically determined by the lesser of:
      1. The date of shipment
      2. 30 days from the date of order
    • No refunds, exchanges, or modifications shall be made more than 30 days after the final invoice date. Damage claims, shortages, and incorrect product claims are subject to special shorter time limits, please see the appropriate section below. Certain products, services, and products made from certain wood species are considered special order and are non-returnable/non-refundable in any case.
  2. Return and Exchange Policy
    • When communicating with Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC electronically in regards to exchanges and claims please include all of the following information: The full name of the person who originally ordered the product, contact phone number, Invoice number, all tracking numbers associated with the order, and an accurate description of the damage, missing, or items you would like to return. All return material authorizations and any shipping documents are valid for no more than 14 calendar days from the date issued. Shipping documents or products returned with expired authorizations are ineligible for refund or credit and will be discarded three days after receipt. Should the customer wish to have the ineligible products returned, Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC must be notified before the end of the third day and will return the products freight collect within three business days by a carrier of our choosing. The customer may be responsible for any repackaging charges associated with the return and will be responsible for all shipping charges with the carrier at the list or non-discounted published rates. Any product that is not in resalable condition can not be returned. If a product has been cut, stained, or otherwise modified from the original condition it can not be returned and is ineligible for refund.
    • All wood products returned are moisture tested. If moisture levels are not between 7% and 9%, the products will be considered abused or incorrectly stored and are ineligible for refund or exchange.
  3. Payment
    • When you place an order with Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC, whether through one of our websites, in person, or on the telephone, we will authorize your credit card for the full amount at the time of order. Your credit card will NOT be charged until your order ships but there will be a hold placed on the funds and your credit card company will likely show this transaction as "Pending." Because all our products are custom made for you at the time of order, our policy is to hold the full payment amount to begin the production process. On orders over $2,000, we may be able to split-invoice the order but in no case shall we begin production with less than 50% of the order total authorized. With nearly all of our orders being custom made and unique to you, we are unable to resell many products should they be canceled after production. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and please feel free to contact us with any questions. When your order ships, we will capture the authorized funds and send you notification that your order has shipped via e-mail. Please make sure you check your "Spam" or "Bulk Mail" folders as many ISPs incorrectly filter our mail as spam.
    • Because credit card regulations only allow an authorization to be held for 30 days, we will automatically capture any authorized funds after 26 days, even if your order has not completely shipped.
  4. Payment on Split Shipments
    • On occasion, your order may ship in several different shipments on different days. When the total value of the products shipped equals or exceeds 50% of the total order value, payment will be collected for the full amount of the order and a credit will remain on the customer's account until the remaining product(s) have shipped.
    • If the order is split into multiple shipments by us, you are not responsible for any additional delivery charges resulting from the additional shipment(s).
  5. Lead Time
    • On occasion, we may have certain products in stock and ready for shipment but we generally run a just-in-time inventory and require a minimum two week lead time to ship your order. This two week period does not include shipping or transit time from our plant to your door.
    • Please allow ample production and transit time for your order.
    • Should you need your product sooner, please contact us and we will do our best to make your install date but some processes can not be hurried and may require the full two week lead time.
    • We are able to hold completed orders for a limited time to accommodate you installation schedule.
    • If in doubt, order sooner rather than later.
    • Please note: We do not guarantee ship dates or transit time on most orders. Any dates we give are our best guess and there are many steps that must be completed in order to produce a quality product for you. It is not uncommon for orders to ship several days (or more) after the ship date first estimated when you placed your order. Again, do not make any plans for installation until after you have received and inspected your order.
  6. Order Cancellation
    • Some orders canceled prior to manufacturing can be canceled without penalty - please call us immediately if you need to cancel an order, once an order has entered the manufacturing process or has been loaded out for shipment we cannot take a return without assessing restocking and freight fees, including return freight costs. Custom stained products including stair treads, risers, landing tread, cove moulding, handrail, and any other custom stained or custom-made product cannot be canceled after production has begun. Custom products are non-refundable and ineligible for exchange or credit.
    • Orders canceled after manufacture and/or shipment are subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee and actual freight costs for both the outbound and return freight. Custom sized products, clearance products, odd-lots, and items classified under "sales and bargains" are non returnable.
    • Returns of incorrect product are made at our expense, however, you must contact us prior to the return for exchange to receive proper paperwork. We may require digital photos prior to authorizing a return for exchange.
  7. Special Order Wood Species
    • Depending on market conditions, lumber in certain wood species can become very scarce and we may, for a time, designate all products made from that species a "Special Order" species. Products designated as a "Special Order Species" are classified as custom products and typically can not be returned, exchanged, or canceled once ordered, regardless of reason. Please contact us for the most up-to-date list of special order species.
  8. Cancellation or Return of Free or Reduced Shipping Items
    • If you need to cancel or return an order after shipment please contact us first, failure to communicate in advance can lead to significant unintended costs with our carriers. All returns must have a valid RMA number for processing.
    • All orders have associated shipping costs - even if they are not billed as a separate line item on an invoice or order confirmation.
    • Orders sold under our free or promotional shipping options and canceled or returned (except in cases where an incorrect product is sent) will be billed our standard restocking fee of 30% and freight costs from our carriers for both the outbound and return freight. All returns must have a valid RMA number clearly marked on all packaging and shipping documents. Returns without a RMA number will be refused and/or discarded and as such no credit can be given. Refused shipments without our prior consent constitute unauthorized returns and cannot be accepted.
  9. Incorrect Product
    • Although rare, we occasionally will make a mistake in packing out orders, if you believe you received the wrong product or wrong quantity please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of product and request a RMA# and replacement. Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC will verify the claim and provide a prepaid shipping label or Bill of Lading for the return. We may request photos to do so. Please do not discard original packaging and shipping paperwork.
  10. Exchanges
    • Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC may allow product exchange for unused product for a period of 14 days after receipt of materials, customer is responsible for all shipping charges. The conditions for exchange vary greatly, so please contact us first, but restock fees are typically waived for product exchanges. A RMA# is required for the exchange. Exchanged product will be shipped within two weeks of receipt of the returned material. All returned material must first pass product inspections by Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC and be in resalable condition. Products that have been installed, cut, damaged, stained or otherwise modified cannot be returned or exchanged.
  11. Unauthorized Returns
    • Items returned without a RMA# or refused shipments are considered unauthorized returns and will be refused at our dock. No refunds will be made for returns without a RMA# and the customer will be responsible for all freight, storage, handling and disposition fees.
  12. Damage Claims Small Parcel (UPS / FedEx)
    • Damage, while extremely rare, does occur from time to time. If your shipment was delivered by UPS or FedEx (Ground or Air) damage claims must be made within 48 hours of receipt of product by the customer. We will provide you with a damage claim form and will handle the claim process with UPS / FedEx. Upon acceptance of the claim by UPS / FedEx, Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC will, at its discretion, send replacement or refund for the actual damages.
  13. Damage LTL (Truck Freight)
    • The Customer or customer's agent must be present at delivery, carefully inspect all packages and items for damage or missing materials, if there is damage or missing items it must be clearly noted by the customer on the original bill of lading and signed by the driver. Immediately contact us and send copies of the bill of lading noting damage and we will handle the claim on your behalf. Upon acceptance of the claim by the carrier, Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC will, at its discretion, send replacement or refund for the actual damages. Please note that freight carriers have specific rules and regulations relating to damage claims it is important that you contact us as soon as possible after accepting and noting damage so that we may quickly process your claim and ship replacement materials. While we make every effort to expedite replacement orders, it may take as long as two weeks to send a replacement if we have to reproduce the order.
  14. Delivery Conditions and Time Frame
    • Prior to delivery, the delivering freight company will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment. If the freight company is unable to contact you, they will notify us and we will attempt to call you on the phone number(s) you provided during the ordering process. We will also attempt to e-mail you at the e-mail address provided during the checkout process. If neither we nor the freight company can reach you after three business days, the freight companies will begin to charge storage fees. These fees range by carrier from $30 - $75 per day and must be paid by you, the consignee, before the freight company will deliver your order.
    • If, after five days of storage, we have not heard from you, we will pay the storage fees on your order and authorize the freight company to return the freight to us. We will consider your order abandoned and will not issue a refund for your order. Should you still wish to receive your order, you will need to contact us and arrange payment for the return freight charges, storage fees, and re-delivery fees.
    • We apologize for any trouble created by this policy but the terms of nearly all freight tariffs allow the carrier to sell unclaimed freight at auction 10 days after they receive it if proper disposition is not received from the shipper. We pay the extra costs up front to avoid your order being sold at public auction.
    • If you are going to be on vacation or otherwise unavailable during the delivery window, please notify us so we can hold your shipment until you are available to receive it
  15. Product Storage
    • Many of our products are made from solid wood, which is very susceptible to changes in moisture and relative humidity. Products must be stored indoors, in a climate controlled environment, and protected from direct contact with concrete, cement, stone, granite, or other porous material. Products should not be stored in a garage, basement, storage warehouse or other similar environment where moisture and relative humidity is uncontrolled. Wood products should not be stored in contact with concrete and must have a minimum of 3" unobstructed open air circulation on all sides at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in numerous failure conditions including warping and cupping among others.
    • Our products are packaged just before shipment to survive the various stresses and rigors of transit, not long term storage, and should be opened immediately, inspected, and stored flat according to the above guidelines. Failure to do so may result in various product failures inherent with solid wood products. Failures associated with incorrect storage do not represent a manufacturing defect are the responsibility of the customer.
  16. Special Terms of Custom Stained Products / Program
    • Any stain or coloring that is applied to a wood product to change its natural color and is not either labeled as a "stock" color, or that is not applied to products on a regular and reoccurring basis, or has to be modified from its usual form to achieve the desired results is considered a custom service and/or product and is subject to special terms and conditions above and beyond other products. Any product that is "custom stained" is subject to the special terms in this section whether the customer paid additional charges or the charges were waived.
    • Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC may, for an additional charge, stain certain wood products to match wood samples provided by a customer. This service carries a cost that is in addition to the cost of other materials, finishes, and/or services provided. The cost of custom staining material can vary according to numerous factors and will be provided in writing before any order is placed. Additional services requested after an initial price quotation are subject to additional cost.
    • The total cost for producing and applying a custom stain (typically labeled as "custom set-up charge") is billed in two parts which may vary but will be provided in writing prior to an order being placed and typically totals $250.00 US, billed in two parts, with an initial invoice of $100.00, which must be paid in full to produce a wood sample swatch, and the balance billed at a later time on the same invoice as the material to be custom-stained.
    • The full custom set-up fee (typically $250) covers the time and expense involved with producing a custom stain is billed in two parts as a courtesy and is non-refundable - even if the order is canceled prior to manufacture or delivery of the raw materials to be stained.
    • The set-up fee may be waived for additional products made to the same general color specification (using the same stain formulas and color samples) as initially mutually agreed upon by the company and the customer for a period of 90 days from the date of final invoice, which is typically determined by the lesser of:
      1. The date of shipment
      2. 30 days from the date of order
      3. After 90 days, the wood control samples and stain formulas are discarded and any re-orders must be re-matched and are subject to the full custom set-up charges.
      4. Any samples, swatches, flooring boards, or other materials provided by the customer become the property of Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC and are typically destroyed during the stain formulation process and will not be returned. Please do not send flooring displays, or "hand-boards" belonging to a flooring company as you may be responsible for their replacement cost should they not be returned.
      5. Custom stained-products (including but not limited to samples, stair treads, risers, stair parts, and other custom-made products) can not be returned, exchanged, or refunded, regardless of reason. All sales are final on custom-stained products.
  17. Special Exceptions for Other Custom Products
    • Products with non-standard lengths, widths, depths, thicknesses, shapes, or configurations are designated as "custom" or non-standard products and can be canceled prior to manufacture and without penalty provided no special considerations were made in preparation for the order (i.e. equipment purchases, template or jig manufacturing, etc). Non-standard products can not be returned, exchanged, or refunded once shipped.
    • NOTE: Oversized stair treads or wide treads are considered custom products. Stair treads wider than the standard 11-1/2" width may cup or bow because of the natural properties of solid wood and are explicitly excluded from all warranties. Oversized or wide treads can not be returned, refunded, exchanged or otherwise credited once shipped.
  18. Installation & Final Inspection


  19. Your Consent
    • By placing an order with Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC either over the phone, in person, or on a website owned or operated by Coastal Carolina Wood Products, LLC, including, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned herein. If you have concerns or would like additional clarification, please feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail. You must consent to these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them in order to place an order with Coastal Carolina Wood Products. If you do not consent or agree with any part, you must not place an order or use this website.
  20. Revised: February 6, 2017 2:12 PM
  21. Revised: The terms and conditions set forth herein supersede all previous versions.