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Replacing stairs using our Retro-Fit "Tread Caps"

So what is a retro tread?

A retro tread is a stair tread that is slightly thinner than a traditional 1" tread and is designed to "cap" each existing wood step that is currently under your carpet

Our retro fit stair treads are the easiest way to convert your carpeted stairs into a beautiful new wooden staircase. Our stair treads are a solid wood "plank" that completely covers the sub-tread and is the only thing you need to install on each step. Using a solid wood plank is much less expensive, safer, and much easier than trying to install individual hardwood planks on each step. Each tread has a rounded over front edge (bullnose) that creates a nice finished look found on all wood staircases.

Close up view of retro installation

How big are the Retro Treads

Retro stair treads are 11 1/2" deep (from front to back) and available in 6 inch increments starting at 36 inches wide. (ex. 36", 42", 48"). It is not uncommon for you to need a unique width, like 38" or 51 3/4" and in that case, simply order the smallest size that will fully cover your step and cut the tread to fit on site. Each tread is designed to be cut to fit the stair and don't worry about marring the finish - we've designed them to be cut!

Retro Fit Stair Tread

What is a Retro Riser?

Retro risers are 1/4" thick pieces of wood that are installed in front of the existing riser (the part of the step that goes up and down). We have pre-primed white risers if you'd like to have your risers painted white to match your trim or stained species risers to match the actual step. Retro risers are 1/4" thick and 7 1/4" tall. We also offer these in multiples of 6" starting from 36". As with our treads, these can easily be cut to fit both height and width of your step.

Sounds great, now what?

From here, you can read the installation instructions or start your search for your new wood stairs! With the added value and convenience of our Retro stair treads, you can have a beautiful upgrade to your home, increase its curb appeal, and have the very durable all wood staircase you've always dreamed of!