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Retro Stair Treads Transform Your Staircase to a Masterpiece in Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado & Beyond

Tigerwood Retro Stair TreadThere is simply no other way out there to transform a carpeted staircase easier than Retro Stair Treads. Retro stair treads make it easy for homeowners to transform a carpeted staircase into a beautiful new wooden staircase without the extra mess and expense of removing the old stair treads or staircase. Retro stair treads are "tread caps" that install over an existing stair where the bullnose has been trimmed flush with the riser below it.

There are several benefits to using retro stair treads:

  • New wood steps can be installed over existing stairs in a shorter time
  • Retro stair treads can be installed over "pre-fab" staircases or over site-built staircases (often it's impossible to tell which type of staircase you have until you remove the carpet)
  • Solid retro treads are much safer than any type of laminate on your stairs
  • Retro treads are much less labor intensive than installing wood flooring on each step
  • Retro treads are usually much less expensive than preformed MDF laminate treads and often cost less than a combination of flooring and stairnosing
  • Retro treads can be installed over the existing bullnosed step or plywood step that is found under nearly every staircase without damaging the support stringers resulting in a much easier safer installation is a pioneer and has been instrumental in the development of the retro stair tread. We've perfected the manufacturing process and offer both prefinished and unfinished retro stair treads in more than 25 different species and a number of popular stain colors. Our retro stair treads are made from solid select grade wood - no thin veneers on our product and you can rest assured that we offer only the finest selection of stair treads found anywhere!

Our friendly and knowledgeable team members are available to assist you along every step of your remodeling process. If you have any questions about retro stair treads, using retro treads to remodel your staircase, or any of our other products, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.