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Red Oak Unfinished Retro Stair Tread Closed 36 in

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Colors shown vary between different devices -
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Unfinished products are considered commodities and will require some degree of additional minor prep-work before they can be considered complete, or "finished". Some degree of sanding / puttying is to be expected before finishing. Alternatively, consider ordering prefinished products.


Quick Overview

Red Oak Unfinished Retro Stair Tread 36" wide for overlaying an existing staircase with a wall on both sides ( closed staircase).

Our Retro Treads are 11 1/2" wide and 3/4" thick behind the bullnose and are specifically designed to be installed over an existing staircase. Use unfinished Red Oak retro treads to apply your own stain and polyurethane on site after some minor prep-work.

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  • Red Oak Unfinished Retro Stair Tread Closed 36 in


Red Oak Unfinished Retro Stair Tread Closed 11.5 in wide x 36 in long - Use unfinished Red Oak retro treads to apply your own stain and polyurethane on site after some minor prep-work.

Unlike 1" thick traditional treads retro treads are 3/4quot; thick and are designed to reface a stair rather than replace the entire stair. Using retro treads and retro risers will allow you to simply install over the top of your existing staircase. Solid retro stair treads are 3/4" thick with a full 1" bullnose and 11 1/2" deep. The "closed" style means that this tread has no mitered returns. Sometimes this is also referred to as a box tread.
Our solid stair treads are guaranteed to never separate between the wood staves offering a lifetime of usage.

In order to install retro treads on your stair case simply cut away the existing bullnose from each stair leaving a flush surface to work with. Our retro treads have a 1" bullnose along the front edge which is meant to hang over the existing step. Retro risers are designed to fit under the retro tread's bullnose to ensure a polished and finished look. For more information on the installation process check out our installation video for a step by step guide to installing retro treads and retro risers.

Additional Information

Unit Of Measure ea
Width 11-1/2 in
Color Unfinished
Length 36 in
Prefinished No
Profile Retro Stair Tread Closed
Thickness 3/4 in
Wood Species Red Oak
Quickship Item No
Standard Dimensions Click for standard stair tread dimensions View standard tread & riser dimensions

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Product Questions

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I did not see any video or instructions for installing the closed or mitered retro stair treads. My staircase is carpeted. I would like to use the retro treads. however, the 1st 4 stairs are open and have railings on either side. I am not sure how to attach the balusters to the new treads. the closed treads look very straightforward.
what's the difference between unfinished and prefinished?
What does unfinished mean?
do you make stair treads 96" long x 12" deep and how much would they cost, i need 20 pcs. to re build steps on a stage, also what is the lead time and ship cost.
If I have stair treads that are 9" deep and put an overlaying stair tread on top of them, my concern is that a wider step will be unsupported on the end. Is there a good rule of thumb as to how much overhanging,unsupported step I can use before I take the risk of breakage?
The large landing at the top of our stairs is carpet. How do we transition from the wood stairs to the carpet landing?
I have 13 steps but there is also a wide landing where the staircase truns the corner. How do you reccomend retrofitting the landing?
What are the dimensions of this?
I want to use retrofitted stair treads over existing pine stairs that are currently covered in carpet, however I am worried about the rise of the initial step. Currently from the floor to the first step it is a rise of 7 7/8 of an inch, and from what I can tell an 1/8th over code. If I add a retrofitted step which will add another 5/8 of an inch this will bring me to 8 1/2 inches from the floor. Is this variance allowed? I know the other step will fall into place, I am just worried about that first step.
I'm putting down 1/2" engineered hardwood both downstairs and upstairs. These treads are 3/4 ". Is this an issue I need to address somehow?
I am concerned that with the bullnose only being 1/4” thick that it will not cover the front my existing board. Do you have a product that has a longer bullnose? Or how does that hide the existing face entirely of the old stairs? Thanks.
do I need to apply wood treatment against wood-destroying insects such as termites and beetles before I apply stain and polyurethane?
Are your unfinished oak treads one solid board or are they several pieces that have been edge glued together to get the full 111/2" board?
My stair treads are routered into the sides of the risers.After we cut the face off the treads we will be left will a missing gapon both side's will we have to fill this and then paint or is there another solution.Thanks
We covered stairs going to the basement with carpet - 6 to a landing, then 6 more. They are just rough built stairs. They have a 7" riser, are 31" long and 11" deep - I would prefer unfinished red oak. What product would you recommend to cover these with? Celeste
Hi. Would you consider making a Brazilian Cherry tread to go over an exisitn pine box tread? Thanks.
Is there a formula for how deep a landing at the bottom of a staircase should be? Our stair treads are 12 1/2'' deep. There is a wall on one side of the staircase. The other side is open. We plan to make a 48" open doorway on the wall of the staircase at the bottom of the stairs. I am not sure how much room to leave between the end of the stairs and the beginning of the 48" opening on the staircase wall. Thank you.
Are sub-treads needed to can the treads be directly applied to the stringers?
What is the best way to fasten the new treads over old treads.
Is the edge beveled or flat
I have finished oak bullnosed treads on my stairs that have wear and some cracks - can I put these over the existing stairs. What would the process be?
Do you guys actually make these or buy them from somewhere else?
Should we polyurethane the bottom of the treads, too before we install them?
I want to make my stair treads from 91/4 inches to at least 10inches. When we had our carpet stairs replaced with engineer wood they change the size abs now we are not up to code. Can we put new tread on top but increase depth?
My stairs are 36" wide. I'm worried there might be a small gap if the tread isn't exactly 36" wide or the stairs are aren't 36" wide. Should I buy a wider tread and cut them down? Also do I need to use a sliding chop saw? I have a table saw. Wouldn't that work? Also what size finish nail to you recommend?
These treads appear to be 3" wide 3/4" hardwood planks glued together as opposed to a solid piece of wood. How much attention to detail is used to make sure grain matches.
How much sanding do your unfinished red oak treads require before staining? Do I just need a quick 120 grit sanding before staining?

I am trying to match an existing red oak color scheme on the main floor. Do I pick out a stain that will complement the existing or will the polyurethane bring out the colour itself? There are a mixture of red oak colors having the knots, it is a prefinished product considered seconds, of various lengths.
I have 39" wide stairs - how do I fill in the extra space if the tread is only 36"?
is this 1 solid oak piece?
how deep are these treads, my existing stairs are 9 1/4 inches and am hoping to "cap" them with these
if the stair tread is 3/4"thick ...what thickness does the bullnose measure?
Do you also have or make 5/8" thick Red Oak unfinished retrofit stair treads? 3/4" body will not match the thickness of the existing staircase trim.
I need retro fit treads with a right return, but the depth of my existing stairs is only 9 inches. Can treads with a return be cut to a smaller depth?
are these retro stair treads guaranteed to not be warped at all, on arrival?
My steps are 12 1/4 inches deep! Can you provide a deeper tread than your standard 11 1/2 inch? And, if so, can they still be delivered prefinished? What would your prices be?
I like the unfinished retro treads for my project however, I also have a small landing. Where can I find and easy solution for matching your retro tread product with my landing?
After removing the carpeting from my stairs I discovered the old treads were made from 2x10 framing lumber. Several are not true or level. I have noticed cupping and there is a slope of a quarter of an inch or more from back to front on some.
Is it possible to use shims under your treads? If so how should the void underneath be filled? With lots of adhesive?
Do you recommend any particular polyurethane product to use when we do it ourselves? thanks jeff
Can I get away with installing these retro treads without cutting the existing bullnoses by installing thicker (build up) risers?
Is this tread ready for stain or do I have to do something to it first?
If I use a 16 gauge finishing nail, and liquid nail, to secure a 1" x 42" red oak tread, do I need to do anything with the nail's holes, and will you be able to see the holes? I am about to purchase my treads but want to make sure I can tackle this myself first. Thanks,
How long should the finishing nails be? and should I drill holes in the wood first for the finish nails? thanks jeff

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