Do you have a deadline to meet or need your stair treads sooner?

We make each and every order just for you when you place your order and ask for about two-three weeks lead time for us to produce your prefinished stair treads, but sometimes, you just need things in a pinch. We understand that emergencies do come up and we're here to help!

Each product's page estimates the expected ship date if it was ordered today based on current volume and estimated lumber availability, but we may be able to shift an order to accommodate requests.

Keep in mind, we can only estimate ship dates, expect delivery 1-6 days after the order is placed depending on the parcel or freight carrier.

With our current volume and raw material lead-times, we're only able to estimate rush charges and capabilities accurately and fairly for orders once they're placed and in our system.

On average, rushing an order lowers the lead-time by 1-2 weeks. If a reduction of 1-2 weeks from the date shown will help fit your required timetable, place your order online first, then contact us with your order number and your "need-by date." Our sales team will then coordinate with production to advise you of the best ship date feasible. If we're unable to meet your deadline, the sales team will assist you in cancelling your order in the first 48 hours.

Rushing orders can be a complicated endeavor because and requires us to shift other, older orders out of their scheduled production slots to fit a newer order in as a priority.

Depending on the complexity and items in your order, we may or may not charge a rush service fee. If we can ship your order without causing too much disruption in our production schedule, we'll ship it quicker for no upcharge. If we do have to make changes to our production schedule, we will have to charge a rush fee, but we will try to keep it as small as possible.

Some items and species are unable to be rushed.

Again, your order must be already placed & in our system before we can accurately estimate ship dates for rush orders.

We are your stair tread company and want to do everything possible to fit into your construction schedule.

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