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Open Rise, Butcher Block and Other Stair Treads Thicker than 1"

Maple Stair Treads with no bullnose

Open Rise Staircases

Open Rise staircases can go by many names including:

  • Suspended Staircases
  • Open Riser
  • Floating Staircase
  • Center Stringer Staircases
  • Mono Stringer

But in any case, the basic principal is the same, there is no riser or "kick plate" in between each stair tread. Depending on your particular situation, you may only have a center stringer supporting each tread or you may have a steel platform under each stair tread with a bracket on either stringer.

If the individual stair treads are going to be the supporting structure with only one stringer or a span greater than 36", you will need a thicker stair tread than 1". Most commonly, these stair treads will be either 1½, 1¾, or 2" thick.

Depending on the wood species and your application, we may use 8/4 material or we may double glue 4/4 lumber.

At, we can easily manufacture these specific stair treads in any dimension or thickness you require. Because these treads require more raw material than our standard 1" thick stair treads, we offer thick stair tread by quote only. So Contact Us today and we will be happy to get your project started on the right foot.

Butcher Block and Square Stair Treads

Butcher block style stair treads are generally the same dimensions as our standard stair treads, but instead of having a full rounded bullnose, the front of the stair tread is square. This style is very popular in modern homes and businesses. We can manufacture butcher block or square stair treads in any of our wood species and pricing is generally the same as its traditional 1" counterpart

If you would like to explore butcher block stair treads,Contact Us today.

Newel Blanks

At, we can glue newel blanks for your custom turning project in nearly all of our species.

Newel blanks are all priced by the lineal foot in 6" increments starting at 36". Newell blanks are all priced as solid core and available in 3", 3.5", 4", 5", and 6" squares X specified length. (Please note that due to high oil and or resin content, newels are not available in some exotic species of wood.) Lengths in excess of 96" will require a quote.

Standard Skirt Boards and Stair Apron

Skirt Boards are also called "stringers" but they are actually two separate components. The skirt is the piece of wood along the side of the staircase that adds a decorative look once installed.

Skirtboards and stair aprons are ¾" thick X 11¼" wide X specified length and available by quote only. Contact Us today and we'll be happy to assist you with your skirt boards.

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