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Tigerwood is your online supplier of superior tigerwood treads. Tigerwood is a beautiful exotic species of wood that is guaranteed to add style and sophistication to your home's decor. Tigerwood is known for is characteristic striping pattern. Tigerwood ranges in color from russet brown, orange brown, or reddish brown to red, with medium to dark brown irregular stripes. The grain varies between straight and wavy, and the uniform texture ranges between fine and medium, uniform. The dark longitudinal bands in the wood make for a very striking figure. With owning this unique and alluring species of wood is just a click of a button away. If you are looking to pull up your existing stairs and replace them with brand new ones, our 1" traditional tigerwood treads are the perfect solution for you. If you desire to keep your existing stairs and simply "reface" them with tigerwood, our retro-fit tigerwood treads will fit over your existing steps without the mess of having to deconstruct your staircase.

1" Traditional

Retro-fit Treads