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LIMITED LIFETIME STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY WARRANTY warrants, to the original purchaser only, that these hardwood treads and risers, in their manufactured condition, will be free from defects in material and workmanship including milling, assembly, dimension and grading. additionally warrants that these hardwood treads and risers will not warp, cup, or buckle when properly installed and maintained according to industry standard instruction procedures. This Structural Lifetime Warranty will be in effect as long as the original purchaser owns the property.

For the lifetime warranty to apply, products MUST be installed within 14 days of receipt and in accordance with our recommended guidelines and generally accepted industry best practices.


Hardwood is a product of nature and therefore, not perfect. Our wood products are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit grading deficiencies not to exceed 5%. These grading deficiencies may be of a manufacturing or natural type.

The installer assumes all responsibility for final inspection as to grade, manufacture and factory finish. This inspection must be done before installation. Carefully examine hardwood products for color, finish and quality before installing it. If material is not acceptable, do not install it and contact the seller immediately.

Prior to installation of any hardwood product, the installer must determine that the job-site environment and the sub-surfaces involved meet or exceed all applicable standards. Recommendations of the construction and materials industries as well as local codes must be followed. These instructions recommend that the construction and sub-floor be dry, stiff, flat, and structurally sound. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for job failure resulting from or associated with sub-surface, sub-flooring or job-site environmental deficiencies.

Prior to installation, the installer/owner has final inspection responsibility as to grade, manufacture and factory finish.  If a product is questionable DO NOT INSTALL, CUT, OR OTHERWISE MODIFY THE PRODUCT.

Use of stain, filler or putty stick for touch-up during installation should be accepted as normal procedure.

Should an individual piece be doubtful as to grade, manufacture or factory finish, the installer should not use the piece.

Use of appropriate products for correcting sub-floor voids should be accepted as a normal industry practice.


  • Indentations, scratches or surface damages caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence or accidents.
  • Spiked heeled shoes, water, fire, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand and other abrasives.
  • Damage resulting from pets or other domestic animals
  • Insects
  • Natural wood fiber surface discoloration.
  • Poor workmanship by installer.
  • Failure to follow all industry standard and/or maintenance instructions, misuse or improper alterations of original manufactured products.
  • Any attempt to repair, replace or refinish prior to an inspection by
  • Freight or shipping damage resulting from transportation - freight claims will be directed to the particular carrier transporting each individual shipment
  • Warping or cupping caused by excessive moisture on jobsite or during storage

Any attempt to refinish factory finished product will void this warranty and any obligations of offers no finish warranty. Although we use high quality top-coating products, the performance of said products is a direct reflection of maintenance and therefore, is not under our control.

Color variations are a natural occurrence in hardwood due to age, species and exposure to UV light. We do add UV absorbers to help delay the effects of ambering but the color variations are not covered under this warranty. Gloss reduction is considered surface wear, therefore, not covered under this warranty.

Hardwood, being a natural product, will continue to expand and contract during seasonal and temperature changes. Products, when properly installed, may experience minor separation and movement. If minor separations do occur, they are not covered by this warranty.

Since stair treads are solid hardwood and a finished product, the relative humidity in your home must be kept between 35% and 55%.

This warranty does not cover damage or unsatisfactory performance caused by excessive moisture including, but not limited to, improper humidity inside the home, excessive ground moisture that migrates into the home for any reason, water leaks caused by broken pipes or appliances, weather conditions or natural disasters such as flooding or excessive rainfall.

Installation is not a manufacturing defect of and is not covered under this warranty. Any installation issues should be referred to the retailer where products were purchased or with the installer who installed the products from's retailers are independent retailers of's products and no expressed or implied warranty is given by concerning the retailers who sell's products.



Contact your Retailer (where you purchased your's products).  The retailer for products purchased from this website is:

Provide a valid proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other documents which establish proof of purchase.

Provide a description of the problem and/or a photograph/sample that clearly shows the warranty problem.

Retailer will do an inspection and submit a written report to along with a copy of their proof of purchase.


If deems a product to be defective, then will refund or replace, at our discretion, any tread, riser or moulding product.  In no case will labor performed by a party other than be considered under warranty nor shall pay any labor relating to a product claim.

If there is a dispute as to the validity of the claim, a National Wood Flooring Association ("NWFA") Certified Inspector must be permitted to inspect the product in question at the purchaser’s expense. The NWFA Final Report will determine the action taken concerning the claim.

Revised July 27 2009