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Specials and Overstock

Special Deals on Overstocked Items

On occasion, we accumulate excess stock in certain species and profiles due to over-runs. We don't like excess inventory on our shelves and need to move these items quickly so we put them in our overstocked category.

Most of these items are first quality and the exact same item that we produce at full price and some of these items may be common grade treads that show various degrees of character. We will plainly mark each item whether it is a first-grade product or a character grade product, but in any case, our supplies on these items are extremely limited and sell quickly. First quality items will be marked as "OVERSTOCK" and character or common grade product will be marked as "CHARACTER." All products in this category are sold "as-is"

We process all orders on a first-come, first-served basis and products will automatically be removed from our website when our stock reaches zero, so if you're looking for the absolute best deal, take a look and see what we have today. We move most of these products at or below cost just to move stock and we can not extend the pricing to production orders (we apologize, but hey, these deals are unbeatable!)

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