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Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is a flexible real wood product that be used for a large variety of projects. Wood veneer can be used for furniture making, cabinet refacing, architectural panels, marine and aircraft materials. Veneer is ideal for refacing starter risers because it can easily conform to the turnout on single or double turnout starter risers. Although Veneer is real wood, it is not durable enough to withstand the punishment of foot traffic. Wood Veneer can not be used as a substitute for stair treads nor can it be used to reface the surface of any area that receives foot traffic. Veneer can be applied over numerous materials including: wood, metal, fiberglass, plastic and many other substrates. Because our veneer is composed of real wood it can be stained and finished just like our stair treads.

Many wood veneers are both thin and flexible enough to be curved around a radius without cracking or breaking which makes it a very versatile product used by staircase remodelers, cabinet makers, trim carpenters, hobbyists, and numerous other wood enthusiasts alike. If you plan on bending veneer, it is important to finish the work after it has been securely applied to the final substrate or use flexible finishes designed for wood bending that will flex with the material instead of crack or break. Finishes such as two-part polyurethanes, pre-mixed polyurethanes, acrylic urethanes, natural oil finishes, and shellac may be rated for use in veneer bending applications. Most modern cabinet or floor-rated finishes will crack when veneer is bent, and is generally not recommended for use on curved applications. Be sure to read and follow the recommended practices associated with the particular wood finish you use. Wood veneer requires no special tools to cut, it can be cut easily using a sharp razor knife or scissors.

Choosing a Wood Veneer

When ordering wood veneer there are two options to consider:

Wood Veneer Species

  1. The first step in choosing a wood veneer is to select your veneer species. offers a vast selection of exotic and rarer species of wood. Choose from over 34 beautiful and unique wood species. If you do not see the species you are requiring contact us and our expert staff will gladly assist you in finding the correct wood species for your project.
  2. The next step in ordering wood veneer is selecting what type of backer is best suited for your project. A backer determines the flexibility and strength of the veneer. offers a selection wood veneer with two types backers well-suited for most building, remodeling, cabinetry, and hobby work. Several other types and sizes of wood veneer is available by special order. Again, if you do not see the size or type veneer listed, contact us with your needs and our expert staff will gladly assist you in sourcing it. The two main types of backers on our website include:
    • 22 mil Bubble Free Veneer
    • Phenolic Veneer
22 mil Bubble Free Veneer
  • Bubble free veneer is composed of five layers:
    1. Your veneer (selected wood species)
    2. Melamine/resin acrylic
    3. Center paper
    4. Melamine/resin acrylic
    5. Bottom paper
  • Each layer adds stability to your veneer without sacrificing flexibility. 22 mil bubble free veneer's multiple layers also help to reduce moisture interaction with the substrate and related wood movement. Bubble free veneer is our most flexible veneer and is capable of bending in the direction of the grain to a 1/2” diameter. This backer is recommended to be applied with a vacuum press, hot or cold hydraulic press or ironing with wood glue. 22 mil bubble free can also be applied with contact cement for those who do not have pressing capabilities but this may not yield the best results with projects requiring extremely fine detail.
  • Our 22 mil bubble free veneer is our premium wood veneer and is available in all of our standard wood species.
Phenolic Veneer
  • Phenolic veneer backer is used primarily in scenarios when extra durability and stability are needed. Phenolic is our stiffest backing and can bend with the grain to approximately 1 1/2” radius. This veneer can be applied by the same process as our bubble free veneer and is available in many popular wood species.

When applying veneer with glue, it is important to remember that consistent, even pressure is needed to be applied during cure time. Clamping or pressing in a hydraulic or vacuum press are the most effective ways to properly install veneer. Depending on the project and requirements, installation can range from easy to hard. Straight, flat areas can be covered with little effort whereas elaborate curves will require many clamps and much patience.

Sizes of Wood veneer: offers full 4' x 8' sheets of wood veneer as well as less expensive, single area sized 8.25”x96” strips of wood veneer.

The most common and widely available size of a given wood veneer. The larger size is well suited for larger projects or panel and cabinetry work. On less expensive species, purchasing a full sheet will offer piece-of-mind and allow you to have material on-hand should a mistake be made when measuring or cutting and if a client requests additional work, it can be completed without waiting for additional material to be shipped.
As an added service, we offer the 8.25”x96” size for those interested in using veneer to reface a single starter riser, or for projects requiring smaller amounts of material.
You no longer have to waste hundreds of dollars on a 4' x 8' sheet of wood veneer when the project only involves covering a single 7” tall riser. This keeps projects with more expensive wood species within budget and lowers the overall cost of the project.

With, you have a trusted source for premium wood products to make your project a reality. We're proud to offer premium grade wood veneer in many domestic and exotic species. With thousands of wood products posted online, you're sure to find the parts you need, but if not, our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are always eager to help.