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Web and Ordering FAQ

What does prefinished mean?

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Can I make an order now but wait a few days to checkout?

I just bought a new house but I haven't moved in yet, can you hold the order until after I get the keys?

I have a step that is rounded one or both sides, what do I do?

I need a left and right return or a tread with returns on both sides, what do I do?

Do you sell the flooring to match your prefinished treads?

What types of payment do you accept?

When will my credit card be charged?

Why does it take you two weeks to complete my order?

Do you offer price matching?

Why are your prices so much cheaper than other stores?

How many stair treads are in a box?

Are your treads sold by the box or by each?

How many do I have to order? Does it have to be a full box?

What is your warranty on prefinished treads and risers?

If the order has 48" treads would the cost vary for a longer length of moulding or would they be cut into 48's to limit the size?

Do you sell stringers?

How long does it take to receive once ordered?

I am looking to put treads on my staircase that was formerly carpeted. 11.5" treads will stick out too much, I think I need 10.5"

Can I get a return on both ends?

Can I get pre-finished treads in a triangular shape?

I have a floor with the same color name that you use, like Gunstock or Butterscotch, what does that mean?

Are there types of wood that hold up better to wear and tear than others or is it a matter of preference?

Are treads exactly 42" or a little over?

We are considereing redoing a carpeted staircase with your "retro treads". Just want to make sure we get the right return treads. When you say a "left return tread" the return is on the left if you are facing the front or bullnose of the tread?

If we have already had our banisters and spindles replaced on our stairs can we still do the retro stair replacements?

What is a retro replacement box tread and how does it differ from a closed stair tread?

Do you have available handscraped prefinished oak and hickory treads.

Would it be possible to receive a product catalog of your products?

How do you keep wood stair treads from being slippery in stocking feet?

Our stairs have a turn in them, we have 3 steps that are triangular in shape. Any suggestions?

Do you offer a military discount?

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Shipping FAQ

How do you ship your stair treads?

What is LTL Shipping?

How will I know when my order ships?

How long will it take to receive my order once it ships?

I've received my stair treads but it looks like there's been some shipping damage. What should I do?

A dock is available where I work, can you ship my order there so I can pick it up and bring it home it in my truck?

Do you ship to Canada?

We are in the Charleston, SC area. If we order, can we save on shipping by picking up at your location?

How can I reduce shipping costs? (Click to expand)

Product FAQ

I'm a builder and I've had trouble with other stair treads before, especially the exotic species. What makes your treads different?

Are the risers made of solid wood?

What gloss level do you use?

Are your return treads preassembled or do you ship the returns separate?

Are the stair treads a solid wood piece, or how many boards are joined together to create an 11.25" depth -- 2, 3 or more?

Would this product work for an "open" staircase?

What grade are your stair treads?

Is your lumber kiln-dried by your supplier? From what I read on the internet, it appears [insert wood species here] requires kiln drying, and can split during process

What do you call the ends of a stair tread that swoop back on the edge?

What are the specification on treads?

Can your stair treads be refinished at a later date if need be?

Can you make a deeper tread (front to back)?

Can you see the finger-joints on the primed white risers?

I am interested in prefinished tigerwood treads but have a 90 degree turn in my stairs where I want to use two oversized treads as well. Can you help with this?

Installation FAQ

Is your product something one can overlay without demolishing the staircase structure?

Should I install the riser or tread first?

Any recommendations on cutting?

What do you do about expansion and contraction of the wood? Is there a guarantee for cracking, splitting or de- laminating?

What kind of adhesive or glue do I use on the Retro tread installation?

I have 40" stairs and will need to cut to fit on site. What is the best way to cut them while protecting the finish?

Is replacement of the riser required? Can I paint the existing riser and just have an oak step?