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How do we make Prefinished Stair Treads?

Our quality is directly related to the methods we use when manufacturing your prefinished stair treads.

First, we start with premium quality solid treads, made from FAS / select grade lumber from one of our hand selected suppliers. This creates a suitable and consistent canvas for our stain professionals to work with. The raw tread is sanded smooth and visually checked for defects.

Second, if you are ordering a stained tread. We apply the stain that we custom match from our library of thousands of colors.  With our custom-made stains, we are able to achieve a much richer and true to life color than what is available by simply offering an off-the-shelf stain. Our competition only offers stain that comes from a supply house and can not offer the customization that we do!

After the stain is applied, we spray apply a clear sealer with our automated machinery in preparation for the Diamond Coat II application. This sealer allows for proper adhesion of the finish coats to the surface of the tread, helps achieve a uniform finish, and increases the durability of the stair tread finish.

Then we send each tread individually through our automated finishing lines upside down!

Back side of stair tread
(Underside view of one of our stair treads)

Why do we send each tread through upside down?  We do this to ensure the first six inches of the underside of each tread is finished.  That way, when you walk up your staircase, the view of the underside of each tread is just as beautiful as the top surface seen on the way down.

Next, we flip the tread and send it back through the automated coating line for the top side of each stair tread.  Our automated coating line is a roll-coat system that applies a minimum of four coats of our Diamond Coat finish.  Sanding occurs between each coat to ensure the smoothest possible application and optimal adhesion of each coat.

Diamond Coat Diagram
(Diamond Coat is applied to a solid tread for a beautiful and flawless finish)

Finally, we package your prefinished stair tread to withstand the journey and ship your order from our factory to your door. The end result is a great looking tread that will last for years to come!

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